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The Warning, The Miracle, and The Chastisement: join us for Part 2 of our series with special guest, Kaliyani Sundari, as we delve in more detail into the compelling prophecies of the Apparition of the Blessed Mother at Garabandal in Spain in the 1960s.

Are the signs lining up? The visionaries described The Warning as "two stars colliding" - a global event in which every soul on earth, regardless of religion, race, or spiritual path, would experience a searing "crisis of conscience" in which they will see their own soul as God sees the soul - all our misdeeds and their consequences, all the good we could have done but left undone, and our distance or closeness to our Divine Mother/Father/Creator. Signs now being seen: She spoke of the Pope going to Moscow as a triggering event - as even now diplomats are planning such an unprecedented visit for the coming months, while scientists warn of a possible "collision of two stars" in this year (2022).

What is the larger universal understanding of Mother Mary's use of such Catholic terms as "sacrifice" and "penance,"? How can we prepare spiritually for this or other possible world upheavals on the horizon?

Spiritual visionary, psychologist, and renowned devotional vocalist Kaliyani Sundari brings a life-long devotion to the Divine Feminine to this fascinating conversation with author/musician/sacred activist Michael Henry Dunn, as we explore a compelling potential scenario amidst the upheaval of our times.

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