Founding Director of The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics (SAGE) in Crestone, Colorado, Michael Henry Dunn grew up in an atmosphere of Sacred Activism as the fifth of ten children of pioneering holistic pediatrician, Dr. Paul J. Dunn and his visionary partner, Kathryn Dooley Dunn, who together co-founded the first Montessori School in the Midwest, and established a not-for-profit Center for the Achievement of Human Potential to help brain-injured and learning-disabled children. Raised in traditional Roman Catholicism, Michael was also exposed to Eastern philosophy as a child through his parents’ interest in consciousness-expanding yoga teachings.

A lifelong spiritual yearning led him to leave his successful stage career in his 30’s to immerse himself in meditation, working as monastery cook at The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine from 1991-94. Turning his musical gifts to a devotional mode, he served as meditation and chant leader at the Lake Shrine for fifteen years. He later served as Ceremony Coordinator at the Lake Shrine from 1998-2002, and again in the publishing division of SRF from 2008-2013. Inspired by the Sacred Activism teachings of renowned scholar and author Andrew Harvey, Michael undertook a risky journey to Jakarta, Indonesia in the spring of 2013 to cover the unfolding exposure of the Global Collateral Accounts. 

A five-year campaign to help launch a new international court of human rights followed, in the spirit of a restoration of the Code of Chivalry as a meaningful moral and geopolitical force. This led ultimately to Michael's role as Founding Director of The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics (SAGE) in Crestone, Colorado, as a teaching and research institution dedicated to Sacred Activism training and global healing. Michael’s life work is to balance the necessary inner spiritual work of psychological integration and direct communion with Spirit with a meaningful contribution to the betterment of humanity and the lessening of suffering. 

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