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Born the middle child of ten, I have never been able to shake this inborn role of bridge-squatter and wannabe peacemaker between squabbling or even mutually enraged factions. As a child watching my seven brothers pound each other mercilessly, I would plaintively offer the plea, "Can't we all just be nice?" (prefiguring Rodney King's infamous "Can't we all just get along?" by several decades), with the predictable result of being despised by both sides.

Now I find myself poised between the Woke and the Awakened, the Left vs Right, Blue vs Red, technocratic AI-lovers vs alarmed traditionalists, between so-called Light Workers of the New Age and the dubious mainstream, between pranayama-practicing yogis (of whom I am one) and my Christ-loving, Mary-adoring friends who warn of idols and false prophets.

The Woke are demonized by the Right for being dupes of a covert collectivist (i.e., communist) agenda promoted via mass media puppets by a corrupt financial elite whose long-standing goals may be summarized as follows:

  • Systematically weaken the family unit, so that people may instead be dependent on a controlling, pseudo-paternalistic state.

  • Foster tribalistic divisions to keep the people distracted from their real peril: left vs right, black vs white, gay vs straight (or trans, queer, etc.), pro-life vs pro-choice, and so on.

  • Control the minds of the people through behind-the-scenes manipulation of mass media and the covert dictation of what subjects may and may not be investigated and exposed by what little remains of "the Fourth Estate" - a free press.

  • Sanctify "science" as the new God and Arbiter of Truth, deliberately obscuring the fact that so-called science is bought and sold to support the purposes of the elite: reach the "wrong" conclusion in your study or experiment and you will find your funding withdrawn and your reputation damaged. Actual science requires systematic exploration of doubts and questions. The "science" sold on CNN is made-to-order by Big Pharma and enforced through blatant censorship of contrary findings.

  • Undermine the Divinity of Nature and the innate gift of the human soul to commune directly with God, by placing man at the apex of the Universe instead of Spirit, and devaluing and demeaning in mass media those who believe in a benevolent Supreme Being. This is why calling the agenda "satanist"is historically and logically correct, as satanists worship the gratification of the ego and rebel against divine order by every means possible.

  • Promote sexual confusion and anxiety while subtly seeking to position the sexual abuse of children as somehow an acceptable "alternate lifestyle."

On the other hand, the Right are demonized by the Woke for being selfish, greedy, bigoted and ignorant dupes of evil One-Percenters who aim to keep taxes low for the super-rich by fostering bogus moral issue voting leverage by exacerbating issues such as same-sex marriage, gay rights, and abortion. In the view of the Woke, the Right can be summarized as follows:

  • Borderline insane Q-Anon believers who are ready to believe the most outlandish conspiracy theories with an almost total absence of critical thinking.

  • Bigoted so-called Christians who hate and fear "the different" - i.e., gay/queer/trans, immigrants, the poor, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and are perfectly ready to label anyone daring to call themselves Democrats as Luciferian traitors who may well be connected to elite pedophilia rings.

  • Dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters who remain spectacularly blind to the overwhelming evidence that the man is a sociopathic, narcissistic, ignorant, demagogic, corrupt, pathological liar.

  • Compassionless hypocrites whose overriding aim is to give as little as possible to the good of all, while focusing exclusively on how to amass more money for their own narrowly defined communities or social groups.

The good news here (believe it or not, there actually is good news) is that a growing portion of the populace is now declining to buy in to the Woke vs Right divide, recognizing it as yet one more strategy of the corrupt elite to keep us at each other's throats. If forced to choose, I would position myself as "Woke-averse" due to their hypnotized endorsement of the nostrums of the mass media, and the tendency to ridicule anyone who chooses to do their own research, question authority, and follow the money (which used to be what we relied on a free press to do).

There is an enormous amount of hard evidence, backed by highly qualified medical and scientific experts, which should lead us to question the Covid origin story, the demonization and outlawing of effective treatments, the linkage of CV outbreaks to areas which had just activated ubiquitous 5G networks (cited as a serious concern in a study by medical experts at the National Institute of Health,, noting the similarity of CV oxygen deprivation symptoms to the effects of prolonged exposure to the millimeter microwave radiation inherent in 5G). The rush to mandate so-called vaccines for CV (they do not in fact match the accepted medical definition of a vaccine as killed virus used to active an immune response) may well be responsible (based on growing evidence) for a now unignorable increase in deaths-from-all-causes, with actuarial tables in the insurance industry showing a post-vax mortality increase even greater than that associated with "black swan" events such as natural disasters and wars.

Dare we follow the money here? Are we really that weak-willed now? The obscene profits raked in by Big Pharma, and the fact that the same corrupt elite owns the corporate media ought to prompt a simple, common-sense, good old American response of exercise of freedom of speech and assembly to hold these people accountable for the enormous harm they have caused.

Woke or "Awakened," we've all lost family, lost friends, lost freedoms, and have retreated into fear and hostility. I am with those who believe we are all children of One Father-Mother Creator, Whom we should love with all our hearts, all our minds, all our strength, and all our soul...and our neighbors as ourselves. Believing that, we can choose to pause, to breathe, and seek healing rather than blame and demonize.

And there are some conspiracy theories which are so obviously true (and their number increases daily) that we ignore them at our peril.

Curious now to see if I am (predictably) attacked from both Woke and Right, and likely censured (and censored) by FB for shining light on areas the paternalistic state has judged to be dangerous for us kids to examine...what fun to be a bridge-builder!

Michael Henry Dunn

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23 dic 2023

I think Rodney King said "Can we all get along?"

Me gusta
23 dic 2023
Contestando a

Also even tho I see CV as the yearly flu virus that was inflated to serve a purpose but that purpose wasn't a nefarious one overall. Pharma companies were on the verge of discontinuing all their vaccine programs due to them being at the bottom of their revenue making, less than 12%. This helped to keep that program going. But it would appear to have been a test run for a future comet or meteor impact. There are some very close passes being made, one in April 2029 and another in September 2031. Closer than any have come since the last comet impact, less than 20,000 miles.

Me gusta
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