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I do not consider myself a pundit. Nor am I a prophet, a channeler, nor a mighty intuitive of faultless prognostication. But I do perhaps have an unusual blend of perspectives and certainly a passionate pursuit of well-informed discernment amidst the chaos of these times. So I will now dare to share my thoughts on the months and years to come.

And it's funny about "pundits" - those well-paid opinionators of mainstream media. Whenever they hold forth in sagely fashion about the inevitable course of events, we all conveniently forget how many times they have not only been wrong, but have been spectacularly wrong time and again! And still they retain the lofty title of "pundit" and still we tune in, and still they are munificently compensated by their corporate overlords.

But seeing as how I am munificently compensated by no one (excepting the incomprehensibly lovely Source of All Life), perhaps I can be trusted not to be feeding you a well-meant but distorted brand of propaganda sincerely absorbed from the latest cunning disinformation program of the corrupt elite.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., recently addressed a massive crowd in Berlin on the very spot where his uncle, John F. Kennedy, delivered his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech, bravely exposing the agenda behind the pandemic. He said, "They love pandemics for the same reason they love war - it allows them to impose control over the people." (For sober, scientific evidence of the Big Pharma agenda, I recommend RFK's excellent resource at Childrens Health Defense).

The events now playing out should, I believe, be seen through this lens. The war, the pandemic, and the coming "Great Reset" which will follow all have the ultimate goal of establishing pervasive elite control of humanity, with the specific intent of preventing the Great Awakening which could spell their downfall.

Wars require justification to the populace - even in a blatantly authoritarian regime such as Putin's. He can point to the gradual encirclement of Russia by U.S. and NATO military bases, and with some truth could observe that if Mexico were to have democratically elected a socialist president who then sought to join the former Warsaw Pact of Soviet puppet states, the CIA would have lost no time in ginning up a scenario for a coup and an invasion by the U.S. (it is, after all, something the CIA has done dozens of times since WW2, democratic government or no. The UN estimated that 500,000 innocent non-combatants died as a result of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq - to eliminate weapons of mass destruction which turned out not to exist. You will not, of course, see this information on CNN).

On the Western end, we are told that Putin is the new Hitler, and we witness the appalling carnage and suffering of the brave Ukrainian people, as they fight to defend their sovereignty. And Putin is, of course, a ruthless autocrat and former head of the KGB.

The truth lies, as always, somewhere in between and I do not have the in-depth and detailed geopolitical knowledge, nor the ability to pierce through all the cunning disinformation operations from both sides, to untangle the chaos and point out which party might occupy the moral high ground. I will merely state that when it comes to the military industrial complex and their puppets in corporate media, there is no such thing as moral high ground.

I will confidently state, however, that the ultimate consequence of the war (which is quite likely to expand globally) will be the imposition of harsher and more pervasive authoritarian control over the people, the declaration of martial law, a greater loss of our rapidly disappearing human rights, and sufficient financial chaos to justify the announcement of the Great Reset - a dismantling of the fiat currency system to the "own nothing and be happy" version of totalitarian godless communism already being touted by elite media organs in the West.

(They don't call it godless communism, of course. But that's what it will be in its final form.)

This will involve a transition to a cashless economy in which Universal Basic Income will be handed out to good boys and girls, and your electronically controlled checking account will be subject to arbitrary freezing if you are viewed as a trouble-maker. See Communist China for the current working model.

The pandemic, meanwhile, will have been pushed to the back pages - a convenient development given the massive vaccine injuries now being documented, and the rising rate of COVID deaths among the vaccinated. But there will be no lessening of the vaccination agenda, which will be pushed even more vigorously, if possible, in the atmosphere of fear generated by war and economic collapse.

This is all heart-breakingly grim, of course. But not to worry. I am an incurable optimist and would not be writing this column if I didn't believe that the Light is winning and will win. We should not kid ourselves, however, about the upheaval to be endured in the meantime.

Over and against the corrupt elite - who are by no means monolithic and are, as always, divided against themselves: Old Guard against New Guard, China against the West, Russia for itself, and various factions of remnant self-anointed Illuminati types maneuvering for leverage - over and against these dark factions there is the Inner Light Network (ILN), which is dispersed throughout the same key industries, governments, and factions as the corrupt faction and which is aligned with Higher Beings, angelic allies, and perhaps even Inner Earth realities to work for the ultimate freedom of humanity and the healing and restoration of our world.

Among the assets wielded by the ILN in this unfoldment are block-chain technology and cryptocurrency with its decentralizing dynamic to render elite control impossible. The elite is attempting to co-opt crypto, of course, but it's a no-win game of whack-a-mole for them - the genie is out of the bottle and every attempt to control the game will only make it more ungovernable and freedom-generating.

The ultimate weapon, however, is of course Love: the rising tide of Quantum understanding and the realization that the greatest lever in our hands is Conscious Intent focused on immediate loving actions of brother-sisterhood: sustainable local agriculture, regional currencies, Ubuntu-based community caring which honors individual sovereignty, and the natural expansion of spiritual practice aimed at non-sectarian Communion with the Source of All Life.

The corrupt elite at its highest levels is well aware of the primacy of the Quantum dynamic, of course, and are working furiously to stoke fear and loathing in the global consciousness, so that the divinely-given manifesting power of the Soul is permanently squashed.

But the Inner Light Network is winning and will win. And here's a secret - this writer is a member of the ILN!

And so, my friend, are you.

Love and blessings,


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