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The brilliant and caustic Chicago columnist Mike Royko once observed that being a "pundit" was among the most secure of professions, because no matter how spectacularly wrong their prognostications turn out to be, no matter how absurdly inaccurate their sagely prophecies, they still manage to retain their title of "pundit" and are still consulted eagerly on the next occasion as fonts of wisdom and prescience - and presumably still draw handsome revenues.

Alas, I draw no handsome revenues just yet, nor have I ever been called nor claimed to be a pundit. Yet I must own up that my blog post of last week predicting a "Blue Tsunami" was sadly inaccurate. The Senate has not gone Democratic (though the runoffs in Georgia now offer a slim chance that old Mitch may yet be demoted to Minority Leader), Texas did not come even a little close to going blue, and Biden did not enjoy a landslide.

I looked at all the available information and put it through the filter of my own hard-won geopolitical perspective and fairly reliable intuition. Historically high turnout traditionally favors Democrats. The pandemic, the economy, and DT's heinously unattractive personality weighed into my outlook. And I frankly own that I hoped for a "blue tsunami" mostly because that was the surest way of avoiding unrest - a truly convincing victory of too large a margin for DT to contest.

That said - we are still on track for the path forward which I shared. Biden's lead in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona, coupled with his slim lead in Georgia, puts him on track for an Electoral College margin which all Trump's lawyers and all Trump's fans will not be able to overturn.

We still may have a blue Senate (outside chance) and the White House appears to be heading blue. But I am a fan of neither red nor blue and regard "Uncle Joe" as a puppet who will cooperate with the corrupt elite agenda of lockdowns, forced vaccinations, contact tracing. Better to have a known enemy in JB than a false hero in DT. Just as Obama was a false hero for Dems who looked good, sounded good, spoke oh so eloquently while presiding over the usual cabal-governed slow march toward fascist globalism, so DT was a false hero for the Q crowd, saying all the "right" things, and winking at white supremacists, winking at Q-believers and "JFK Jr. lives" believers, while putting Donald first, last, and always - which he has done his whole life. So now we can abandon false heroes and have a better look at the hero in the mirror - and reclaim American ideals from the ground up.

DT shows every sign of wreaking as much havoc as he can on his way down. GOP leadership support of his pathetic and baseless assertions of fraud is beginning to splinter. If he pushes it far enough, it will come to that terrible question which failed states the world over have faced: which way will the military go? Will they courteously march into the Oval Office the morning of January 20th, and say, "Mr. President, according to the Constitution which we all swore to uphold, protect, and defend, you must vacate this room by noon today, at which time you will no longer be Commander in Chief"?

Let us hope so. We have had an orderly and peaceful transfer of power every four years in this country since 1793 when George Washington was sworn in to his second term. Through Civil War, Depression, violent unrest, and bitter political divides, this uniquely American rite of self-government has been honored. If this man dares to attempt to destroy it, he should be impeached for treason.

And then we will have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The corrupt cabal will once again have a cooperative puppet in the White House. The globalist agenda of pandemic terror, forced vaccinations, surrendered liberties, and Universal Basic Income awarded to the good sheep who accept 5G, accept the genetics-altering vaccine, and dutifully report on those who rebel - this will be accelerated. If you're willing to hear another prognostication from this writer, I believe the massive resistance to this agenda will trigger the final collapse of the corrupt old order. It may even trigger a breakup of our beloved Union - the Union for which my great-grandfather fought at Gettysburg...and which is now infiltrated and controlled by the corrupt financial elite of which Thomas Jefferson warned us.

But the corrupt cabal reckons without the reality of love. Their plans only take God into account as a fiction to be used as a tool of manipulation and control. And their plans and their ranks are infiltrated by the forces of Light as surely as the Vatican and the Fed are infiltrated by the forces of Darkness. There is an Inner Light Network in play. I cannot pretend to know their names nor their number, but I know they exist - and I am convinced that they are several steps ahead...and that the election of Joe Biden is intended to buy the Light the necessary time as the tottering power structures of the Kali Yuga finally collapse into dust.

In the meantime, in the ensuing chaos, we will look to the emerging flickers of light, of thriving autonomous and sustainable communities which render central control irrelevant, of regional currencies which render the central banks obsolete, of renewable energies which render the extraction economy obsolete, of interfaith and inter-racial harmony which render the divide-and-conquer tribalization obsolete. In the midst of upheaval, under the pressure of dire necessity, humanity will move toward these embodied solutions as swiftly as a river toward a newly cut channel...and a new world may be born.

So it is my hope we can begin to put behind us our obsessive concern with false heroes and join hands with the heroes around us...and look calmly and humbly each morning at the hero in the mirror - the only one that matters in the end.



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