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THE COMING CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS - and How the Idea of America Survives

It is common to hear nowadays how "America has not been so bitterly divided since the Civil War" - even as faint rumblings about a new civil war become louder and more credible. Scenarios are forecast in which a defeated incumbent president refuses to vacate the White House and declares martial law - something the world is used to seeing from dictatorships and failed states but not from "the world's most stable democracy" and leading economy. Far left radicals topple statues of the nation's heroes and demand the defunding of police even as riots and fires consume urban centers. Far right radicals speak openly of armed conflict in the event of electoral defeat while their candidate declares the election a fraud in advance. Those with the money to do so are fleeing cities to seek safe haven in some idyllic mountain hideaway, where they may well find the same bitter political divide awaiting them. Ideologues on the right speak darkly of an elite corrupt cabal funding Antifa agitators, while ideologues on the left throw accusations of domestic terrorism at the amorphous amalgam of fantasy and authentic patriotism found in the Q-Anon Movement. Social media has become a treacherous heavily-censored minefield in which anything more provocative than cute kitty videos and Aunt Sally's pumpkin pie recipe risks bitter diatribe between longtime friends, while those who've been preparing for societal breakdown for decades suddenly find their expertise in demand.

And both sides ask in astonishment, "How can those people possibly think that way?"

By temperament, upbringing, birth order, and spiritual inclination, I am a bridge builder, a harmony seeker, a mediator, and an excavator of 'lost history.' I take the long view of history (the very long view) wherein the ultimate destiny of the soul to consciously reunite with Source is the determinant value, wherein God does indeed intervene in earthly affairs by means of great souls whose rare impact can take a downward arc of human fate and catapult it upward toward transformation, restoration, healing, and rebirth. At the same time, I am an American patriot who deeply loves this country, its people, and the ideals on which it was founded. I was born in the heartland, worked Wisconsin farmland growing up, and yet still think of myself as a Chicagoan who once became a New Yorker and then spent 25 years in LA.

My heroes are Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis Presley, George Harrison, Sir Laurence Olivier, Jesus Christ, and Paramahansa Yogananda. My Irish-born great-grandfather fought for the Union at Gettysburg, and my father was a Navy Medical Corpsman attached to the 5th Marine Division on Iwo Jima. On my mother's side, my great-grandfather was an Irish-born Chicago cop. So, yes, I'm a yogi and a sacred activist. But I am also an American patriot, so you'd better not knock Jefferson, Lincoln or JFK in my hearing - or claim that our Constitution is obsolete.

That said, being a bridge builder at this moment in American history is not fun.

It seems almost impossible to talk about the things that matter most, the crucial issues we must understand, the hard truths we must face, without alienating those one needs as allies. Do I dare tell my progressive Bernie-loving friends that there is indeed (as Q-Anon claims) a dark faction of elite Luciferian pedophile rings which ensnares and controls politicians worldwide? I personally know survivors and the evidence is overwhelming. Do I dare tell my Trump-supporting friends that rather than the patriotic "save the children" hero they desire him to be, that he is indeed the narcissistic, incompetent, sociopathic, easily-manipulated lying buffoon he appears to be? Do I tell my Q-Anon friends that, yes, Hollywood is controlled by a deeply corrupt cult - but that, no, Tom Hanks is not a pedophile?

Do I dare tell my liberal friends that there is indeed a corrupt controlling faction in the Western banking families which has exercised pervasive control of American politics since November 22nd, 1963? Will they be willing to listen if I tell them of how the Rothschilds in 1815 bankrupted thousands and bought England for a song via their manipulation of the British Exchange as news came of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo? A device they would use repeatedly in the ensuring 200 years? Will I be allowed to shed light on the corruption of a family that happens to be Jewish without being called an anti-Semite? Will I once again be dismissed with the almost meaningless label of "conspiracy theorist" if I share solid evidence, widely accepted by mainstream historians, of the multiple "false flag" incidents which the elite have used over the centuries to manufacture popular consent for wars fought to control natural resources?

Will my Democratic friends demonize me as lunatic fringe if I point out that Joe Biden is possibly more thoroughly blackmailed by China than Trump is by Russia? Will those who buy the Russia-gate story hook, line, and sinker condemn me if I point out that the world's greatest manipulator and corrupter of democratic elections is without question the United States, which (as mainstream historians acknowledge) has engineered coups, overthrown democracies, and installed dictators on at least 50 well-documented occasions in the last 75 years - almost always done to benefit corrupt elite control of natural resources? The hypocrisy of our indignant condemnation of Putin's supposed interference in our sacred democratic process is a laughingstock to the rest of the world. (Putin's no saint - and most intelligence agencies in the world busy themselves with trying to corrupt each other's election processes).

And to even broach the topic of the pandemic, of masks, of the fear-mongering media and the agenda they obediently promote, or to praise Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s brave and thorough exposure of the horrific damage wreaked by mass vaccination and the 5G rollout - this is to risk immediate deletion of one's post by the corporate media giants.

But, hey, it's too late for regrets. As John Lennon said, "telling the truth may not win you many friends...but it will win you the right ones." So here goes with my view of the impending crisis, how I think it will unfold, and what we can do to make a difference.

There is a virus and it is dangerous to the elderly and compromised (yes, I wear a mask), but has a massive survival rate, so it's not killing as many of us as they need it to. Thus the narrative is collapsing, but the cabal has no choice but to double down and push the fear - Biden supports forced vaccinations, which is a trigger issue for millions on both left and right. Trump will lose in an electoral landslide - those in the American political center (which always decides elections) are sick to death of his lying and chaos. He will file multiple legal actions to contest the results in battleground states, but will lose. His more radical supporters will try to foment violent protest or civil war. Left wing paid agitators (get used to it folks - they do exist) will happily escalate violence in accordance with their job description. Trump may likely use the violence as an excuse to declare martial law, and suspend habeas corpus in an attempt to stay in power. The issue will go swiftly to the Supreme Court which (despite their conservative make-up) will rule against this blatant usurpation of power as a nakedly self-seeking violation of the Constitution.

Trump will be forcibly removed from the White House and will go down as one of the most despised figures in American history - and the GOP will never recover. But neither will the Democrats. Biden may well be fatally damaged by emerging evidence of his son's nauseating corruption, with Kamala Harris stepping in. She will help the Deep State (yes, there is one) try to recover their old power, but it will be too late - the DNC corruption, the Epstein revelations, and the awakening of the American political center will trigger a complete restructuring of the political landscape, with a viable third party emerging, blended of moderate Trump supporters, Bernie-loving progressives, and "woke" former liberals (I look to Tulsi Gabbard for President in 2024). The remnants of the far right and far left will inhabit the smoking wreckage of the GOP and DNC, but will be impotent rump parties with no real power.

Meantime, look for that which cannot be anticipated. By which I mean a seemingly unpredictable "Black Swan" event such as financial collapse, natural disaster, acknowledgement of off-planet factions, stunning revelations of elite corruption, or faked alien invasion. The planetary influences for the next few months are powerfully aligned to trigger such an event.

But most of all, friends, look to the wise advice of my friend Pam Gregory, the wonderfully insightful English astrologer, who counsels us to keep our hearts high, to rise above the fear and chaos, and focus on compassion, courage, calm self-care, and love of humanity and the Divine as the rebirth of America - and our Mother Earth - unfolds.

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine - sed nomine tuo da gloriam!



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