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I have friends on both sides. I hope I don't lose any more with this post...but what the hell! I'm falling in love with brazen truth-telling. (Click here to see my projected electoral map). First of all, please understand that I regard Joe Biden as a weak, corrupt, doddering puppet of the corrupt elite - his election means mandated vaccinations, an accelerated roll-out of dangerous 5G technology, and the attempted quashing of the Epstein case exposure of the elite pedophilia rings. Most of the country will breathe a big sigh of relief if he's elected - and I expect he will have to resign amid massive scandal within a year (that laptop thing is far worse than most people know).

Then please understand that I regard DT as one of the most appalling human beings ever to occupy the White House and yes, there is a controlling Deep State, and yes they've had it in for him from day one. And he is NOT the savior the Q folk believe him to be - he's just what he has always appeared to be: a narcissistic, socio-pathic, corrupt ignoramus who has always put himself first.

Another caveat: I see the collapse of the current utterly compromised U.S. political system as an inevitable necessity for the rebirth of America.

So, on to my prediction.

DT eked out his tiny 70,000 vote Electoral College win in 2016 (the combined margin of victory in PA, WI, and MI which cost Clinton the WH) because of three primary factors: 1) The theft of the nomination from Bernie Sanders caused the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party to stay home 2) Hillary Clinton carried huge negative baggage, was perceived by most of the public as a liar (ironic, I know, given DT's pathology in that regard), and was widely disliked - many centrist voters went for Trump simply because they couldn't bring themselves to punch their card for HRC, and 3) GOP voter suppression laws/strategies in key states kept turnout low and invalidated large numbers of votes.

There are three main factors behind the coming landslide for Biden/Harris: 1) High likelihood of historically huge turnout: always good for Dems and bad for GOP (Republicans know they lose when democracy is actually functioning). 2) Likeable old Uncle Joe is not hellacious Hillary: although Bernie Sanders was ripped off again, the Progressive wing has seen 4 years of DT and it's all stops out to get rid of this guy, so expect Joe to carry Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by comfortable margins, and with them the WH; and 3) Middle America is sick to death of Donald: U.S. presidential elections are always won in the middle: the fact that Biden could actually carry Texas...TEXAS! - is emblematic of just how soul-weary Americans are of the shabby chaos of the last four years.

If Biden carries Texas, then that is a heavy implication of a Blue Wave, meaning he will carry all the swing states, plus everything Clinton won in 2016. All he really needs are WI, PA, and MI, but if the turnout matches current trends, he could approach a massive Electoral College win, and of course win the popular vote by a large margin also, thus making it exceedingly difficult for DT to pull off his threatened refusal to accept the results.

Which would mean a much more peaceful transition. Yes, the extreme right will go volatile, and we are likely to see trouble in the wake of DT's fall. Those in the Q world who believe all Democrats are traitorous devil-worshippers will become the radicalized remnant of a fatally wounded GOP. And then America will have to deal with the deeply corrupt DNC's attempt to reboot their power. But it will be too late - too many of us have woken up in the last 4 years and Pandora's Box is wide open...and then we press for a true rebirth. 3rd Party anyone?

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