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  • Michael Henry Dunn


Hmm, well, let's see: I tell myself I use it to 'check out the zeitgeist' - which amounts to mostly getting depressed as I watch friends fight each other over their mutually misinformed opinions. I tell myself 'it's good to keep in touch with old friends' - which amounts to tallying 'likes" to posts which FB filters are actively suppressing in any case. I pick up the smart phone in the morning to 'see what's up' - and end up scrolling rather aimlessly through our desperate efforts to distract, stimulate, or promote ourselves during this year of insanity. I tell myself I've risen above the addictive nature of the app and that I no longer engage in pointless and dispiriting efforts to change the viewpoints of those who refuse to see life as I do...while selectively diving down rabbit holes of blended revelation and disinformation which (in the end) waste the precious moments of a day of God which I could have spent meditating by a mountain stream, or writing a poem, or learning a new song, or reading a truly great book, or talking with an actual friend (as opposed to the 2,000 comparative strangers who go by the name of 'FB Friend' in this strange sad online world).

Some of those 2,000 strangers are actual friends, and I am glad to know of their joys and challenges and insufferably cute kitty pix. But how to withdraw from the clutches of the deadly time-waster? I will have offerings to share, and they will appear on FB now and again...but as Fagin sings - "I'm reviewing the situation!"

Look for me on Messenger - and I will look for you. Look for me at my homepage ( as I will look for you on yours. And if you're in the mountains of Southern Colorado, look for me by a mountain stream, or at a sacred site, or hanging out with friends at the decidedly eccentric organic cafe. And if you see me staring dully into my smart phone, give me a friendly dig and remind me of this post! .



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