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VENUS - HOME OF MARY MAGDALENE? The Nature of Earth's Sister Planet

Is Venus like the legends of the Isle of Avalon - a wondrous reality hidden behind a veil? Does a marvelous and beautiful inhabited world lie at a slight dimensional remove from the scorched, toxic surface documented by mainstream science? What is behind the mystic message that Venus functions as the "Guardian Sister" planet of our own Earth? Join us on Blue Star Rising - The Templar Awakening as Michael Henry Dunn explores these fascinating visions with renowned mystic, Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomid, covering such subjects as: 1) The Seven Temples of Venus throughout the world which will help activate the Ascension Timeline 2) The "Venus Node" Receptor in the brains of whales and dolphins which keeps the Earth attuned to our sister planet 3) The nature of Venus as the original home of Mary Magdalene - and the startling reality of Venusian presence on Earth, and in the bloodlines and genetics of nearly 80% of the human race.

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