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  • Michael Henry Dunn

ASCENSION REALITY - What Will You Experience?

This fascinating interview with mystic scientist Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomid shares the most detailed description of the Ascension process and the reality of the New Earth you will find anywhere:

- Is it like dying?

- Is the so-called 5D reality merely another name for leaving the body?

- What is the scientific basis for the New Earth? What is its nature?

- How will we live there?

- What are the actual stages of this radical transformation which multiple sources are saying our planet is soon to undergo?

- What of those who die before the process begins?

- Will our human life of families, children, sex, romance, aging and death be as it is now?

- Will we continue to evolve spiritually through the cycle of reincarnations toward reunion with Spirit?

These fascinating questions and more are answered in this deep diving interview with Rev. Maia and Michael Henry Dunn, including a beautiful 10 minute video from Maia describing the essentials of Ascension.

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