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"We can lift His living image from the clay..." The true mission of the 'Templars of Light' is explored on Blue Star Rising - The Templar Awakening, as renowned mystic Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomid and Michael Henry Dunn go on an inspiring journey into the deep past and the far reaches of the cosmos to show the powerful resonance and relevance of the Christ to our current global crisis. The 'Red Path' of suffering now gives way to the 'Path of Grace' as the energies of Ascension rise on planet Earth. Topics explored include: 1) The Initiatory Path of the 'Light Templars' 2) The Profound Redemptive Reality of the Resurrection 3) The universal sacred dynamic underlying the Sacrament of Communion and other redemptive rituals 4) How to overcome self-doubt and embrace the Grace of God through devotional meditation practice 5) Marvelous stories of saints, sages, and yogis who have experienced Union with God 6) Michael's experience of the Templar Stream today 7) Making a Difference: steps to becoming a Sacred Activist within the framework of your own spiritual traditions.

Other fascinating programs now available on the Blue Star Rising YouTube channel include:

- Are The Pyramids Waking Up? Exploring the 'Ascension Trigger'

- The Michael Mandate: Has the Sign Been Given for Climactic Spiritual Confrontation?

- The Truth About the 'God Particle': Crystal Light Appears in Human Blood

- Epochal Sacred Geometry Breakthrough - Shakespeare and The Great Pyramid

- Overview of the Global Crisis: Blue Star Rising Premiere

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