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  • Michael Henry Dunn

Amidst Fear and Division: Where is God?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

There's a story in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov wherein Christ returns to earth in the time of the Inquisition. He quietly walks the streets, speaking of God and drawing crowds - and so, of course, He is arrested and put in a dungeon to face the Grand Inquisitor, a jaded but strangely aware old man who instantly recognizes Who it is before him.

Why, asks the old man, have you come back? Why are you trying to awaken the people again to the divine freedom of their souls? It frightens them. They don't really want it. That's why they surrendered it to us, to the priests and the church, in exchange for the comfortable slavery of obedience, and the controlling fables of heaven and hell. Do you really think they won't just betray you as they did before, and hasten to sell their precious freedom again to us as they did before?

The majestic countenance remains still and silent.

"You know what we will have to do with you, don't you? The same as before?"

The moral of this sad little tale is a different thing to different people. To some it speaks of the spiritual cowardice of humanity. To me, it speaks of the deathless love of Christ. In either case, however, the unavoidable question it poses to the soul is - "what price freedom?"

This is, quite unexpectedly, the question now posed to all of us by the pandemic. How much of your divine birthright are you willing to sell in exchange for a brief and illusory security? How much trust are you willing to put in the high priests of corporate media and the Grand Inquisitor of the (by now painfully obvious) hand of the corrupt financial elite? How many brave videos by front line doctors exposing the lies will it take, how many examples of blatant corporate censorship, how many falsely recorded virus deaths, how many 'suicides' by key witnesses, how many verified stories of elite pedophile rings, how many hundreds of peer-reviewed warnings of the lethal dangers of the 5G rollout, how many historically verified false flags in service to the military-industrial monster, how many reports by eminent epidemiologists of the actual virus numbers, how many blatant examples of electronically stolen elections, how many dead American soldiers in service to the rape of natural resources, how many drone-incinerated wedding parties, how many artfully raised and cynically dashed hopes of rescue by 'White Hats' will it take before we say 'enough!'

Yes, there is a virus. Yes, it is perilous to the elderly and compromised, who must be vigilantly protected. However, it is not living up to the mortality expected of it, and millions of people are seeing through the game. The lies are becoming painfully obvious and the power structure begins to totter. They will need more fear. They will need us to turn against each other. They will need us to become so fearful and hate-filled that we willingly sell to them our divine birthright in exchange for the protecting walls of a prison once called 'America.'

Things will, I expect, get worse before they get better. But we have quietly turned the corner. An American spiritual revolution is now inevitable. Eventually, it will have transformative political consequences. But first, it will be about a return to God - by whatsoever Name you call Her.

Mind you, I am actually convinced that there are 'White Hats' - brave men and women working behind the scenes to protect the children, and to expose the hidden corruption. Beyond this, there is quite certainly an Inner Light Network (ILN) which stretches from the angelic level down to highly evolved souls implanted in key networks throughout the power structures, and even all the way down to folks like you and me, sharing what we know and doing what we can.

This Inner Light Network cares nothing for parties or factions, or red states and blue, or Liberal vs Conservative. These souls, these angelics, these evolved off-planet cousins, these ordinary men and women, are keenly aware of the essential and all-powerful fact of which the corrupt elite is abysmally ignorant: the power of divine love in the awakened human heart.

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and all thy mind, and all thy strength, and all thy soul. And thy neighbor as thyself."

All true law springs from these words. Only laws which spring from this one Golden Truth need be obeyed. False laws of the corrupt elite told us slavery was 'legal,' apartheid was 'legal,' burning Jews, or 'witches,' or heretics was 'legal.' Instill this one and only true Commandment in our hearts, and the resulting wave of love and courage will sweep all before it.

We have the right to defend the innocent. We have the right to use force where necessary to protect life. And our compassion is stronger still. Our willingness to refrain from demonizing those who see the world differently is stronger, our refusal to indulge in the intoxicating self-righteousness of hurling media-taught labels, our divinely guided recognition of the face of Christ in the eyes of an opponent - all are stronger than the defamation and divisiveness which threaten to drown our common humanity.

We need no New Revelation, no "Ascension Academy," no sudden geopolitical awakening to someone else's worldview. This "truth which sets us free" is as old as the Sun itself. We need only be brave enough to seek and speak the truth with our own discernment. We need only be humble enough to do our best in the work to which we have been called. We need only seek in our hearts for the Father-Mother of our souls. And finding that love, we need only be brave enough to express it in our lives, one day at a time.

I don't expect a cake-walk. This revolution, though spiritual, will still be a revolution. As Jefferson said, "we cannot expect to be carried from tyranny to freedom in a feather bed." America began as a haven for those seeking escape from oppressive government and the freedom to approach the Divine by their own lights. That love of freedom is embedded in the American soul. As a gutsy police sergeant recently warned in a viral video, "they're about to waken a sleeping giant."

I'm grateful I lived to see it.

Michael Henry Dunn

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