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  • Michael Henry Dunn

Conspiracy Theories to Ignore - and Some You Shouldn't

I sadly see divisions between longtime friends these days over what to believe: what's fake, what's not, who is the WHO really, is there pizza at the gate, what are the Wacky-Leaks, shall we form up and make a queue anon? Is there a genetic marker in the bug? Were there three Jesus Christs in the Mediterranean in the 1st century A.D.? (yes, there are people who believe this). Is JFK Jr. alive? Is Paul McCartney dead?

And what about Elvis?

I'm being breezy here, but I take all this stuff seriously, as I have seen behind the veil, been red-pilled, seen stuff I wish I could forget, and had my comfy matrix world exploded some years ago.

RULE OF THUMB: If a piece of news makes you fear or suspect an entire group, be it national, religious, political, racial, gender, or sexual preference, it serves the agenda of the elite and should be viewed with suspicion while you check sources, look for evidence, and use your own discernment.

Let's take the British Empire for starters. Empires survive by "divide and conquer." That is old stuff everybody should know, right? Has everyone seen the film "Gandhi?" At the conference of British mucky-mucks over the possible independence of India, some stuffy diplomat stands up and says (more or less), "Well, you see, Mr. Gandhi, there is not merely a Muslim India and a Hindu India to consider, there is also the India of princely states!" Those states, of course, were deliberately set up a hundred years before by the British to "divide and conquer" the nation of India. And many of the world's trouble spots are places where Britain's deliberately fomented divisions still fester (Northern Ireland, the Middle East, India/Pakistan, etc.).

Yes, there is a corrupt elite. An unbelievably corrupt elite in fact. Mind-bogglingly evil. So bad that most of us absolutely cannot handle the truth, and prefer to bury our heads in the sand. I buried my head for as long as I could for the same reason, but my dharma caught up with me.

So a good rule of thumb is to ignore whatever stirs hostility in you toward an entire group - and, conversely, to pay attention to information which asks you to explore an injustice, to do your own research, to use your own discernment, and to right a wrong rather than to demonize thousands or millions of people you've never met. If enough of us do that, the bad guys (and gals) are done for, as there are many many many more of us than there are of them.

So back to my headline:

The real Paul McCartney is alive...but then so is Elvis - possibly.

The real John F. Kennedy Jr. is, I believe, no longer with us (how I wish it weren't so).

The Global Currency Reset has been trying to happen for a decade, but it's all about who gets to orchestrate the collapse of the global financial system - bad guys or good? If it's the bad guys, look for chaos followed by tyranny (their usual pattern). If it's the good guys, look for a gradual shift that you almost don't notice, until the parade of arrests for treason and pedophilia begins to include some shockingly prominent names. But then watch closely - will the good guys stay good? Or are they just a new wolfish cabal in sheep's clothing? ("All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" - George Orwell).

The elite pedophilia rings are a deeply entrenched reality, combining blackmail and extortion with appallingly cruel practices which I often wish I didn't know about, and include, of course, prestige names whom I dearly hope to see doing a 'perp walk' with NYPD - and possibly sooner rather than later.

Alien races: of course. Some good, some bad, some extremely good, some extremely bad, and variously allied with different human factions with different agendas. And, there's a fair mix of our DNA with theirs over many millennia. Make of it what you will.

THE BUG: Artificial in origin. Deeper in purpose and scope than we know. Stay safe, social distance, wash hands, yes, of course. And there's a marker that remains in the body when the bug is gone - and the Very Good Guys are working on how to deactivate it, so as to prevent much worse to come. (I cannot cite my sources on this, so make of it what you will.)

In the meantime, listen to what frontline doctors are saying, and follow the money regarding CDC and WHO. A devout Christian MD in the ER of a frontline hospital in NYC (where many doctors are speaking out about how what they are seeing does not look like what WHO describes), a woman with no history of mental illness and an active and joyful life, suddenly goes home and commits suicide? See Jeffrey Epstein and too many others to count in accounting for my skepticism on this story.

More good news: I believe that God-Father-Mother is actively helping us through many higher allies and that we will emerge from this in a great spiritual leap forward for humanity and our Mother Earth. But not without cost.

As to the survival of Elvis - more on that another time. Long live Jesse!



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