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  • Michael Henry Dunn

The Truth About Conspiracy Theories - Take It from an Expert

While you here do snoring lie, Open-eyed conspiracy His time doth take. If of life you keep a care, Shake off slumber, and beware: Awake, awake!

(William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act II, sc. i)

John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death and is about to go public to save the world. His father was killed by rogue CIA and the Mob on behalf of central bankers. September 11th was an inside job by the same people. President Trump is secretly working to take down this same Luciferian pedophile cabal. FDR knew about Pearl Harbor in advance. The Rothschilds bankrolled the Japanese war machine to monopolize the gold supply. The global infection is a bio-weapon run amuck and works in tandem with the microwave radiation of the Fifth Generation Wi-Fi network to reduce humanity to an enslaved remnant in service to dark overlords. Finally, and most importantly, Paul McCartney is not dead and Elvis Presley lives!

Some of the above are true. Some are not. How blessed you are, dear reader, to learn from one who knows which is which, and what is what!

For I may lay some claim to being an expert when it comes to conspiracy theories. You can look it up. After all, I am acknowledged in a book published by a mainstream New York-based press as being an authority on the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories – The Shakespeare Authorship! (Shakespeare by Another Name, by Mark Anderson, Gotham Press, 2005).

Yes, my dears, I’m afraid there can be no doubt: Shakespeare didn’t write Shakespeare.

Once upon a time, I would have been appalled to attach my name to such an absurd statement. I was a classically-trained professional actor, after all, and deeply committed to the inspiring tale of the unschooled glovemaker’s son from the provinces who emerged from the rough world of the London stage to become perhaps the greatest poet and playwright of all time. Being a middle-class lad myself, I seethed with resentment to hear what I regarded as snobbish notions that only a highly educated aristocrat could have written the works. “Oh, you can dress up any conspiracy theory with a few coincidences to fool a subset of idiots,” I thought. Brought up on Sherlock Holmes as well as on Shakespeare, I rested comfortably in my belief that this game was most assuredly not afoot!

Then I gave up my acting career to work as a vegetarian cook in a monastery.

One of the monks, in a fateful moment, handed me a book called The Mysterious William Shakespeare, by Charlton Ogburn. By the time I was done reading, my world had turned on its head, and my destiny of evolving into a world-class conspiracy theorist was irrevocably determined (at least in this particular Timeline – but that’s another story!).

Now this little essay is not intended to be an in-depth exploration of the overwhelming evidence which proves that the fellow from Stratford was a strictly necessary literary cover story (in an age rife with pseudonyms and faked authorship) for a highly-placed genius rascal aristocrat. For that, I recommend two excellent websites: and author Hank Whittemore’s 100 Reasons Why Oxford Was Shakespeare.

I went on to create an award-winning one-man show, Sherlock Holmes and The Shakespeare Mystery, which toured Europe and throughout the U.S. to enthusiastic response. I served on the Board of Trustees of The Shakespeare Fellowship (an organization of academics and amateur scholars devoted to researching the authorship question) and gritted my teeth when branded with the dread ‘conspiracy theorist’ tag. I had simply stumbled across evidence which no reasonable person could ignore and reached logical conclusions. End of story.

So I thought. That was before I very reluctantly faced the truth about 9/11, before I went to Indonesia to investigate the Global Collateral Accounts, before I helped lead a movement to create a new and enforceable international court of human rights to prosecute elite crimes, and before I became involved with the restoration of the Templars.

Along the way I engaged in several years of fierce online debate with defenders of the traditional view and learned a thing or two about the mindset and tactics of those who (as Winston Churchill put it) “don’t want my myths tampered with!” I learned that (as Upton Sinclair put it), “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” I began to comprehend the meaning of terms such as cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, paradigm shift lag, and that pernicious thing called the logical fallacy of ad hominem attack.

I also realized that even so clever and good-hearted and witty a fellow as myself would be incapable of persuading or converting people who were deeply invested in the opposing view. Moreover, it turned out that a fair number of such people would regard my whimsical ripostes as being downright insulting and I would gain in certain circles (much to my chagrin) a reputation as an obnoxious jerk.

This painful lesson stood me in good stead with the emergence of Facebook. And though there have been times when I’ve given in to temptation and dashed off an acerbic and (I flattered myself) devastating response to some particularly absurd or offensive post, I’ve managed for the most part to keep my mouth shut when I could see that there was no genuine openness to mutual exchange in the pursuit of truth.

So that is Conspiracy Lesson #1 – Know Your Audience. Gauge early on whether there is genuine openness to pursuing a controversial line of thought regarding a conventional story. And do not allow your own enthusiasm to lead you prematurely into an animated explication of the Hidden Truth, lest you fall into the dread GES!

Glazed Eye Syndrome. This is what you will perceive on the face of your listener when you come up for air in your learned disquisition on the “Real Truth About…” (fill in the blank). It’s that expression which tells you that they are thinking to themselves, “Help! I’m caught in a corner of the room with a conspiracy nut who thinks Shakespeare didn’t write Shakespeare!”

But in these unprecedented times, we are in deeper waters than mere literary controversy. For the reports now in the air are of grave relevance to one’s personal survival and are being linked to the fate of human freedom.

So let’s cut to the chase to answer the question on so many minds. What’s real and what’s fake? How can I identify disinformation? Am I being influenced by “Russian bots” or by the Deep State? Are we on the brink of Freedom, Healing, and a Human Renaissance or about to enter a totalitarian nightmare? There are actually a few simple rules here:

Rule #1 – Do Your Own Research. Double check sources. Read the whole story, not just an appealing headline which works to confirm your dearly-held opinions. Ask yourself “Cui bono?” Who benefits? In the long run, what will be the effects of my believing this story?

Rule #2 – Stick to What Matters. If you have committed to making a difference, ask yourself if this story is of practical help, or is likely to be a sensational diversion – especially if it is one which could discredit you should it be proven false. This one is very tricky, and often calls for keeping your mouth shut and remembering to Keep Your Eye on the Prize! The prize being peace and freedom.

Rule #3 – Follow the Money. If the factions ridiculing a particular story stand to lose their standing, reputation, or funding should the proposition prove true, view their dismissals with extreme skepticism (see Upton Sinclair quote above).

Rule #4 – Rise Above Cognitive Dissonance. Most people I know do not want to live in a world in which these dark realities exist. The shock can be overwhelming. The mind often chooses denial – and will lash out fiercely against those who try to break through that denial. Remain calm, look at the evidence, and accept the fact that there are many people in this world who consciously choose evil – and millions more who are seduced or coerced or blackmailed into cooperation with it. Only by recognizing this can we overcome it. But remember also that the Light is winning! Keep your vibration high. Immerse in inspirational truth. Share the many stories of redemption, restoration, and renewal. And carry on.

Finally, so you can judge me by the weight of mis huevos, let me reveal just which so-called conspiracy theories I think have validity (or at least deserve to be taken seriously), and which are bogus distractions, hysteria, or outright disinformation designed to discredit the Truth Movement:

Paul McCartney died in a car accident on November 9, 1966 – Embarrassing nonsense. Paul lives.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 – FBI Witness Protection can’t be ruled out. Lots of compelling hard evidence. Put the King’s survival in the category of “Possible to Probable.”

A Luciferian Banking Cabal called The Illuminati runs the world – They exist, but they don’t run the world, as that honor still belongs to God. The Illuminati are a documented secret society bent on world domination originating in Bavaria who were exposed in 1776 and run out of the Hapsburg Empire. They resurfaced in France before the Revolution, and infiltrated Freemason lodges in the U.S. (as attested to by George Washington in a letter). While the organization still exists, it is not the all-pervasive force its members would like us to believe in and fear, and its influence is waning fast. But it is ruthless and dark beyond imagining and is linked to child-trafficking and satanic sacrifice. The sooner the leaders are tried and punished, and the pedophile rings exposed, the sooner the world will have a chance at peace.

September 11th was planned by corrupt elite – True. The evidence is overwhelming. A reopening of the official investigation is underway.

John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death and is working to take down The Cabal – I would love to put this in the ‘True’ category, but the obstacles to it are just too many. My take on this one is that it’s the kind of thing that intelligence agencies come up with to discredit a Truth Movement by getting them to believe in an absurdity.

The Knights Templar survived and are linked to the Illuminati – This one is a classic. Yes, the Templars survived the persecution of 1307. No, they were never part of the dark elite. It is a documented tactic of the Illuminati to make the public believe that the highest and best human organizations are just dark tentacles of the Cabal itself. The true Templars were (and still are) the Cabal’s worst enemies (I myself am one).

Vast Troves of Gold Are Hidden in Southeast Asia – The Global Collateral Accounts are real. Neil Keenan is not dead (I talked to him last week). And the Cabal has tried to control the gold for the last couple hundred years. I went to Indonesia in 2013 and personally covered this story as a free-lance journalist. There could be good news from this one before too long.

Fifth Generation WiFi is a weapons system linked to “The Infection” – There is so much evidence to back this up that it has the Bad Guys galloping into full-fledged Orwellian surveillance/censorship (which as we know has been in place for years – the only difference is that now it’s brazen and unabashed).

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies document the harmful effects of EMF and WiFi on the human immune system – this alone should get it banned from hospitals as well as from schools, libraries, and airports. Five-Gee originated in military applications as an energy weapon. The effects of high-level exposure to it mirror to some extent the symptoms of the Infection, but produce a level of oxygen deprivation not seen in the Infection – yet these deaths are ascribed to it for reasons of both convenience and profit (Infection deaths get insurance covered by government bail-out, while deaths from EMF have been specifically ruled out from coverage by the insurance industry).

Dozens of states and municipalities and now entire nations are banning or issuing moratoriums on the Five-Gee roll-out, demanding that legitimate concerns over harmful effects be investigated. The evidence indicating that the Infection originated as a bio-weaopon and that it may be a last-ditch effort by the Cabal to prevent their takedown is compelling and worthy of immediate investigation and legal action.

Donald Trump and Q-Anon Good Guys are about to take down the Cabal – As a military and intelligence operation, this one is required to put up smoke screens of disinformation to confuse their formidable opponents. I am personally convinced by a wide array of evidence that there is an Alliance dedicated to this goal. I am also convinced that this Alliance has been infiltrated by the Dark Side. President Trump certainly knows about this plan, and is apparently cooperating with it, though is unlikely to be leading it. I also believe the Good Guys will win in the end, and that children are being freed from slavery.

So now let us see whether this post will be banned by Facebook! I’ve done some rather simplistic disguising to fool the roboticized censorship (Five-Gee, the Infection, etc.), but the Orwellian surveillance is being stepped up. Meantime, my friends, keep your hearts high!

“A Divine Plan exists, and it is beautiful and full of joy.”

- Paramahansa Yogananda



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