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  • Michael Henry Dunn

The Very Very Big Picture

On occasion, those who are accused of "not being able to see the forest for the trees" are in fact simply looking for a much larger forest. And they grow frustrated because there are all these very tall shrubs blocking the view.

I have come to the conclusion that this is the maddening dilemma confronting us as we seek the truth about the current global crisis. (NOTE: I've adopted the censorship-avoiding strategy of referring to the global bug as "the infection" and the Fifth Generation Wi-Fi rollout as as FG so as to avoid detection by robotic online enforcement of so-called "community standards" - which is a euphemism for "anything our corporate overlords perceive as being threatening to their interests").

So, back to the trees. By nature and training, I simultaneously seek a valid cosmic overview and a boots-on-the-ground reality check as to what's really going down. For the last ten years, having inadvertently swallowed the "red pill" of awakening to the reality of how Good vs Evil has been playing out on our planet for centuries, I have watched as the fog of disinformation, paranoia, authentic whistle-blowing, phony whistle-blowing, false flags, genuine revelation, plus toxic tribalization and divisiveness has so shrouded the world from view that I scarcely recognize it.

Here is a rough sampling of the current competing world views held by friends, allies, and acquaintances, which I surmise will resonate with my readers:

* THE PLAN/Q-ANON - The Good Guys persuaded DT to run for president because he would help them take down the Deep State, which is run by an appallingly dark network of Luciferian pedophiles linked to the central banking families and European aristocracy and an agenda of global domination and enslavement of humanity going back centuries. We are now in the final stages of The Plan, in which Mass Arrests will bring the dark faction to justice, while a Global Currency Reset will take down the Fed, eliminate the IRS, free the children, and expose the true history of our world.

* PROGRESSIVES/DNC/LEFT - We are now in the final stages of a total collapse of American values, destruction of the environment, and the disappearance of our democracy amidst the rise of fascism, thanks to the stupefying incompetence and corruption of a former reality-show star/shady real estate developer, who has won the loyalty of a deeply ignorant subsection of the electorate. This subsection has been taken in by the mind-bogglingly absurd Q-Anon scenario, which actually proposes that John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death, is masterminding the revolution from behind the scenes, and will shortly emerge to be dubbed as DT's successor to complete the overthrow of the Evil Ones.

* 'LIGHTWORKERS' - We are now in the final stages of a vast upliftment of human consciousness called The Ascension, triggered by a 24,000 year (or 26,000 - take your pick) cycle of orbit around the galactic center, and have recently entered a powerfully transformative Photon Belt which is altering our genetic structure and lighting up our so-called "junk DNA." This will soon (today, tomorrow, next year, next decade) result in an enormous separation of "sheep from goats" in which the less-evolved will go slightly nuts amidst the rising energies and will more-or-less consciously choose to endure another 13,000 year cycle of painful karmic lessons rather than ascend with the more advanced folks into a Fifth Dimensional paradise world referred to as the 'New Earth' or more colloquially as '5D.' (not to be confused with '5G' if you please! Oops! Censorship alert!).

* REGULAR FOLKS - The world is going to heck in a frickin' hand basket because we are a foul and stupid race who are finally going to get what we deserve for destroying our world. Both the Trumpers and the Socialists are dangerous wackos, and the only sensible thing to do is denounce our conspiracy-theory-gullible friends and relatives while hunkering down on the couch with an enormous plate of nachos to binge-watch Netflix.

Then there's me. Let me confess at once that my views are an amalgam of various elements listed above. I like to think of myself as a bridge builder (due to being the fifth of ten children - a classic peace-seeking middle kid). As I've surveyed the field of late, I've found it necessary to ground myself as much as possible in what I fondly refer to as FACTS:

CONSPIRACY FACTS: 1. KENNEDY: In 1974 Congress concluded JFK was likely killed by a conspiracy, not a lone gunman 2. SEPTEMBER 11: More than a thousand engineers and architects have signed to a statement concluding that the towers could not have fallen from the jet impacts. 3. SEPTEMBER 11 Part 2: - Most Americans remain unaware that WTC Building 7 (which was not hit by an airplane) fell in an obvious controlled demolition shortly after the twin towers fell. 4. FALSE FLAGS: Declassified documents on Operation Northwoods during the Kennedy Administration show that the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a recommendation to attack American citizens and military with 'false flag' Cuban planes and ships, to rally support for an invasion of Cuba (JFK refused to approve). 5. PEDOPHILE NETWORKS: The Epstein Case alone reveals the appalling facts here. I personally know survivors of the elite rings in Europe, and the Jimmy Savile case also reveals the deep involvement of the Windsors in these rings. I personally know someone who has interviewed FBI and LAPD child trafficking task force personnel who have revealed the levels of protection which perpetrators receive from corrupt judges. I thank from my heart anyone who is risking their lives to expose this darkest of evils.

(I could go on with the Conspiracy Facts, but you get the idea).

Q-ANON/PLAN FACTS: 1. ARRESTS - There are in fact more than 100,000 sealed indictments which are said to be of low level Luciferian Cabal operatives who are turning state's evidence on the kingpins (we'll see if anything actually happens) 2. TRUMP - He's dropped obvious references to the pedophile networks and to Q - he at least wants people to think he's in on The Plan 3. SPECIAL OPS - I personally know people who have spoken to former Special Forces guys who are 'taking out' top pedophiles. (I'm not a fan of secret vigilante justice - nothing changes if the Rule of Law is not openly restored). 4. Arrests for sex-trafficking have dramatically increased under DT.

(Again, just a sampling - I could go on. But there is a clear factual basis on which to conclude that something like The Plan is in fact being attempted.)

ASCENSION FACTS: 1. THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE is going utterly haywire 2. MAGNETIC NORTH has fled the North Pole and is galloping toward Siberia like there's no tomorrow (and there may not be). 3. JUNK DNA is in fact lighting up as if a massive forward jump in human evolution is underway (according to Russian scientists) 4. INNER EARTH ALLIES - Not a place you will find by drilling down - it's at a slight dimensional remove. Here I can only tell you that I have first-hand physical evidence, and testimony from people of integrity whom I know well. Thank God they're here (one is invisibly at my elbow as I write this), as they have helped my friends and me in wonderful ways in the last few months.

I won't bother with REGULAR FOLKS FACTS, as all you need do is watch mainstream media for their so-called 'facts.'


* Consciousness is the Ultimate Irreducible Fabric of Reality (check Quantum Physics)

* Consciousness Evolves (check Pierre Teilhard)

* Consciousness Affects Matter (check CIA/FSB/NSA remote viewing and psycho-kinesis ops)

* Two Possible Orientations for Conscious Evolution: Service to Self or Service to the Good of All

* Scientific Techniques for Accelerating Conscious Evolution exist and can be demonstrated by self-effort (yogic states tested and proven)

* Service to Self offers short-term gratification and long-term misery

* Service to the Good of All offers short-term satisfaction and long-term bliss

* States of love and bliss can be more quickly attained by meditation

* Great souls who have achieved oneness with Source have returned as avatars and teachers to illuminate paths for sincere seekers.

* The world is going through Birth Pangs of some kind: all the above facts remind us that we need to be kind to each other, find a spiritual practice that appeals to our hearts and minds, use discernment regarding disinformation, embody compassion, and defend those who cannot defend themselves - and, above all, don't buy into demonization of our fellow human beings by tribe, gender, race, faith, or personal choices. But uphold justice - right vs wrong, and good vs evil are realities without the knowledge of which we will certainly perish.

Well, I hope that's helpful. It helped me to set it down. Peace to us all...


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