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  • Michael Henry Dunn


Last year on January 18th I appeared on the well-known alternative journalism platform Project Camelot in an interview with respected alt-journalist, Kerry Cassidy. I had previously been interviewed by Kerry on subjects as wide-ranging as the Shakespeare authorship controversy, the Global Collateral Accounts exposé, the Knights Templar, and the restoration of the Rule of Law.

The headline of that interview was “Ascension and The 5G Crisis,” and explored the relationship between the rapid spiritual evolution of humanity on the one hand, and the lethal surveillance and control grid then being launched under the guise of “5th Generation WiFi” for superfast downloads and the enabling of the Internet of Things, massively increased Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Cities – a launch which has only accelerated since that time, even as a worldwide movement to halt the rollout gains momentum, with cities, states, and even entire nations (such as, recently, Switzerland) enacting laws to stop or delay this attack on humanity and the biosphere.

In that conversation I expressed my conviction that in essence humanity – and especially those of us who have awakened to the true nature of our peril – is engaged in what I called a Timeline War. The fact that we live in a universe of energy, consciousness, and intention (rather than mere random collisions of particles which somehow cohered to form galaxies, planets, The Beatles, and Mozart’s Requiem) has been well-known to quantum physicists for decades, but still manages to elude the awareness of most of us.

Rest assured that this fact has not eluded the awareness of the corrupt elite factions who have been doing their best to control and dominate humanity for a very long time. They know full well that the collective consciousness of humanity is ultimately the determinant factor in the success or failure of their plans. They also understand timelines – those crucial cause-and-effect pathways of dominoes which either fall their way (the road of fear, despair, and surrender), or in an alternate timeline toward the full expression of our human potential for love, compassion, freedom, peace, and abundance.

Let’s briefly dispense with the cognitive dissonance that affects so many when they are told of “corrupt elite factions” (aka, the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Secret World Government, etc.). Most people have a difficult time accepting that such things can be (I certainly did). It was only when I was confronted with massive unignorable evidence that I began the long process of reconstructing my world view, realizing at length that there have always been (generally speaking) two kinds of people in the world: those who derive satisfaction from contributing to the welfare of others, and those who seek gratification in greedy accumulation, domination, and control. That the latter group would, over time, collude and cooperate with each other to successfully implement that domination on a large scale (at least to the extent that honor among thieves allows) is, sadly, mere common sense.

Today I join my respected friend and colleague, the visionary author, radio host, and former U.S. Army Energy Weapons Specialist, Nancy L. Hopkins, in another conversation with Kerry Cassidy to explore a crucial update in the Timeline War, in the midst of the Coronavirus Crisis and the 5G Rollout…and encouraging news from the Timeline of Healing and Hope.


As we are awash in the fear and panic now being promoted by corporate media worldwide over the threat of the Coronavirus (now officially renamed COVID-19), it might appear that we are careening at full tilt down the Dark Timeline. There is clearly cause for concern: the possibility exists that COVID-19 could follow a path similar to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, and sensible precautionary measures are required. In addition, significant economic disruption on a global scale is already being felt and may result in a global recession.

Conclusive evidence exists that millimeter microwave radiation (the basis of 5G) is lethally harmful to humans, animals, plant life, and indeed the biosphere itself. It is certain that this radiation affects the immune system and lowers our resistance to disease. We are justified in suspecting that it is no coincidence that the first city where a full 5G rollout took place in China was Wuhan – where a few weeks later the Coronavirus sprang to life. The city is now assaulted by radiation from some 10,000 recently installed 5G towers, making it one of the most 5G electro-polluted cities on the planet.

Here is a revelatory article from sharing hard scientific evidence that 5G may be the activating factor behind COVID-19.

More important even than these sobering possibilities, however, is the grim chance afforded by this global fear campaign to turn humanity down the timeline of loss of freedom, ubiquitous surveillance, draconian government control, and a terminally polluted and dying biosphere.

It is the purpose of this message to tell you that there is not merely cause for hope – there is miraculously exhilarating reason for hope, and a call to action in which every one of us can participate.


Understand this now – this message is not intended to take advantage of global fear to push a product line purporting to protect you. Neither I nor Nancy Hopkins derive any revenue from the distribution of this astonishing mineral (Nancy has written a marvelous book, “Shungite Reality,” which is now available on Amazon). We are both passionately committed to the restoration of human freedom and the health of our beautiful home planet. Nancy’s work and mine as well demonstrate a lifelong commitment to these ideals, often at significant sacrifice.

The purifying and protective properties of the shungite mineral are now well documented. Its ability to purify water, restore bee colonies, and protect against the harmful effects of WiFi and EMR are due to the unique dynamic of the fullerene molecule with its mysterious ability to disintegrate toxins (apparently returning them to Source via the quantum field) and to create a bio-enhancing frequency which strengthens the immune system and imparts health, vitality, and a tangible sense of well-being.

What is new is an apparent “cosmic upgrade” to the shungite deposit – and through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, to every piece of shungite on the planet. Shungite experts are linking this upgrade to a markedly unusual “blue light” meteorite which exploded only days ago directly over the massive shungite deposit in the Karelia region of western Russia – the only known source of shungite on the planet.

The shungite deposit itself is the result of a meteor strike almost 2.5 billion years ago, carrying the unique healing and protective dynamics of the fullerene molecule to earth.

This unique blue light is markedly similar to the coloration of the “Blue Star” of Rigel in the constellation Orion, and is said by mystics to be the soul origin point of prominent spiritual and political visionaries such as Anwar Sadatt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Elvis Presley (both Sadat and Presley spoke privately of their connection to Rigel).

The scientific side of this phenomenon appears to consist in encoded information carried by the energy of this strike, which conveys an upgrade to the shungite field, enabling it to manifest greater protection and also frequency disruption of the virus and the lethal nature of 5G.

Nancy Hopkins’ shungite colleagues on the ground in Russia (which is the leader in shungite science) confirm their perception of the energetic upgrade, and also confirmed that the meteorite exploded almost directly over the massive shungite deposit.

What does this mean for us?

By all means follow all sensible health procedures: stay well hydrated, wash your hands frequently, avoid large public gatherings, and boost your immune system by all available means. And we also urge you to take the simple steps needed to create a protective shungite field around you, your home, and your family. Place shungite nuggets in your water bottle. Place protective shungite stickers on your cell phone and laptop. Wear a shungite nugget around your neck. Equally important – share the truth! Do all in your power to awaken your friends, neighbors, and municipal and state authorities to the lethal nature of 5G and its link to the spread of the virus.

Shungite works on the same level that the nature of the universe works – energy, consciousness, and intention. Tune in to the consciousness of the shungite field and visualize the restoration of our beloved planet and the restoration of human freedom.

This not only can be done – it is being done! A worldwide movement exists and is gaining momentum – a movement full of joy, compassion, courage, and hope. This movement chooses the path toward the Timeline of Light. Every person who takes even a little time to tune it, to choose hope, to believe in healing, empowers this beautiful manifestation.

If you choose, every day you can quietly speak the powerful Great Invocation, transcending all religious barriers to inspire the human family to attune to the Divine Source, and to the inevitable Triumph of the Light:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Light return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men – The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

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