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  • Michael Henry Dunn

The Inaugural Speech America Needs to Hear Next January

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

My fellow Americans, we have just engaged in a sacred rite of passage – the orderly transfer of power from one chief executive to another, by means of a sacred oath administered by our honorable Chief Justice. Before you all and before the world, I have solemnly sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, invoking the help of Almighty God. This ritual of peaceful transfer has taken place every four years, for 230 years without fail, despite upheaval and calamity, during desperate years of economic depression, through two World Wars, even in the middle of the bloody tragedy of the Civil War when hundreds of thousands of Americans fought each other on battlefields North and South, still we preserved this sacred rite. Americans voted, the vote was recorded, and the decision of the people was honored. Many thousands of Americans died – at Yorktown, at Gettysburg, at Iwo Jima – to protect and preserve this precious heritage of freedom, a heritage which drew millions around the world to emigrate to these shores, and inspired many nations to undertake the struggle against tyranny, in hope of tasting the air of freedom.

Yet we are now emerging from a crisis in which the meaning and viability of our democracy has fallen under the shadow of doubt, in which our system of government has appeared to be fundamentally broken, as if some fatal flaw had finally been exposed in the very concept of these United States, dooming our Union to ultimate dissolution and chaos. Divisions so deep have arisen in the last four years, it has seemed as if Americans lived in two different worlds, in different timelines, in separate realities, seeing each other through a glass so distorted and dark that we have been unable even to recognize each other as fellow citizens.

These divisions culminated in a three-way election result which has been bitterly disputed on all sides, even more so than the chaotic results of the year 2000. I stand before you as a President once again elected without a popular majority, as we endured the constitutional crisis of an Electoral College tie, and a prolonged stalemate in the House of Representatives. Not since the suspenseful confusion of the election of 1800, which at last gave us Thomas Jefferson, has the viability of our democracy seemed at greater risk.

We have been forced to ask ourselves, is the American dream dead at last? Has the corrosive influence of unlimited corporate campaign spending, of all-pervasive and massively funded lobbyist persuasion, of deliberately fomented division by a shadowy elite, finally reduced our fierce and inborn American spirit of liberty to a comatose stupor, weighed down by disinformation, debt, and the demonization of those who dare to hold a different opinion from our own?

We have seen the structure of the Constitution itself challenged and scorned, as distinguished Supreme Court Justices have been personally attacked by the Executive Branch, while a torturous deadlock consumed Congress in a bitterly divisive impeachment battle. We have seen the dedicated men and women of our Intelligence Service publicly ridiculed and ignored, and our diplomatic corps eviscerated and belittled. We have seen America’s standing in the world, our once vaunted moral leadership, become a mockery, as many nations around the world now view the U.S. as a rogue state, a danger to the common peace. We have seen the indispensable institution of a Free Press dismissed as “fake news,” as merely one more manipulative device of a shadowy so-called “Deep State,” which supposedly manipulates us all for the hidden advantage of corrupt puppeteers.

I must tell you, my fellow citizens, that I am soberly convinced, based on substantial evidence, that this assertion is in fact true. There is, in fact, a corrupt Deep State. This phrase is not a recent invention of right-wing media, but a geopolitical reality found in many nations, and recognized by intelligence communities around the world. It connotes an unholy marriage of hidden corporate and industrial agendas with bureaucratic, military, and intelligence factions which have gradually suborned, infiltrated, and overcome genuine democratic governance, while keeping the people distracted with a divisive circus of Left vs Right, Red vs Blue political trench warfare. Presidential administrations may come and go, but still the Deep State remains, quietly serving its hidden masters, as the freedom of the people shrinks year by year. The servants of these masters are found in both major parties, and in corrupted factions which have wormed their way into every branch of the military and intelligence services, serving side by side with patriotic Americans. This malicious entity is protected from public view by a fatally compromised corporate media, even as “fake news” on both sides (known to every historical era simply as what it is – propaganda) cripples our ability to discern truth from falsehood.

This entity is buried far more deeply, entwined more inextricably in our institutions than we dared suspect. This is not so-called “conspiracy theory.” This is plain unignorable fact, and if we do not face and overcome this dark reality, the American Dream is indeed doomed, and all we have to give our children is a broken heirloom, once treasured but now fatally neglected, as bleak a heritage of misery and bondage as that forced upon our enslaved African-American ancestors.

I promise you now that we can in fact emerge into the light once more, that the dream can be reborn, that tolerance, trust, and yes, love can relight the torches in this great domed Temple of Liberty behind me. But first I must ask you to look into the darkness with me, so that we cannot again be ambushed by our own ignorance. I ask that together we look at our own culpability in this bleak descent, so that we can rise, clear-eyed and courageous, to restore our Republic and reclaim our beautiful American heritage. Let us be done with reckless accusations and demonization, even as we commit ourselves to uphold justice and the true Rule of higher Law.

History teaches us that the struggle for freedom throughout the ages has been the story of an assertion of the people’s right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” which is then gradually eroded by an accumulation of power by moneyed interests, the seemingly endless cycle of oligarchy followed by popular revolution, followed yet again by erosion of freedom and yet another rising up of the people. From ancient Greece and Rome, on through Magna Carta, the emergence of parliamentary democracy, and the American, French, and Russian Revolutions, and down to this very day, this struggle has replayed over and again. The founders of our Republic knew this history well and did their best to bequeath to us a structure which might resist this tragic pattern.

But now the cycle has been stopped. It may appear that in our age tyranny met technology, as dwindling privacy met massive surveillance, as a free press met media brainwashing, as a dying biosphere met electro-magnetic toxification – it may appear that now the ultimate goal of oligarchy is within the controllers’ reach – the final taming of the people’s yearning for freedom, or to call it by its military name, “Full Spectrum Dominance.”

It is a bleak and cruel fact that the infiltration, suborning, and blackmail of hundreds of public servants has been achieved by means of an elite pedophilia network, protected by corrupted judges, legislators, and in some cases even by law enforcement, which has spread its foul tentacles throughout the Western world. I need only say the name Jeffrey Epstein to remind us all to what measures this network will go to protect itself from exposure.

But their day is done. A dedicated army of brave men and women here and overseas have worked at great personal risk to bring these rapists, torturers, and murderers to justice. As these rings are exposed and dissolved, cleansing and healing become possible.

So many of us simply cannot face such a reality, cannot bring ourselves to believe that there are human beings who would pursue personal gratification at the cost of suffering to millions, for whom words such as truth, honor, love, duty, and God are mere manipulative devices to ensnare the gullible and the naïve. All we need do, however, is face the fact that there have always been, and perhaps will always be, two kinds of people in the world: those who seek satisfaction in service to the good of all, and those who seek gratification in domination of others and service to self.

This is a moment when each of us must make our own soul decision as to who we choose to be – a servant of God and the human family, or a servant of corrupt masters in the name of service to self. Only then can we stand up, one by one, and champion love, embrace compassion, while in the same brave moment we seize the sword of justice to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

So I ask you, my brothers and sisters, to stand in your sovereignty and freely disagree over large government versus small, over greater regulation versus less, over health care, over tax reform, over moral issues and traditional values. But I urgently ask, in fact I call on you to accept as a moral imperative, the following measures which it shall be the priority of this administration to enact:

  • Term limits of two terms for both the House and Senate

  • The elimination of corporate contribution to political campaigns

  • A return to verifiable paper ballots in all elections and the elimination of electronic voting

  • The replacement of the deadly 5G surveillance/control grid with a nation-wide fiber-optic communications system.

  • The dismantling of the proposed 20,000 low-orbit satellite control grid

  • A re-opening of the 9/11 Investigation

  • The vigorous criminal pursuit, as a matter of international priority, of child sex trafficking and elite pedophilia rings.

  • A “trust-busting” break-up of the domination of news media by the handful of elite-dominated corporations, accompanied by measures to encourage the rebirth of independent media

  • The dismantling of the private banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve, accompanied by a return of the control of currency to the U.S. Treasury, as mandated by the Constitution.

These measures, though few and straightforward, will be revolutionary in their impact.

We can then restore authentic democratic process, and work together to face the climate change crisis, the devastated environment, the broken health care system, and our many other challenges. But we will face them as one united people, freely disagreeing and compromising as Americans, freed from technocratic domination, liberated from all-pervasive surveillance, and healed at last, please God, from the toxic hatreds fostered and encouraged by those who would control and dominate us.

Remembering the vision of our founders, relying on the guidance of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to this cause “our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.”

Hold me to this, my friends! God bless us all.

The 46th President of the United States of America

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