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  • Michael Henry Dunn

5G Action in a 3D World: Moving Beyond the "New Age" into Sacred Activism

"We create our own reality." So runs the essential dictum of what we still somehow manage to call the "New Age" movement, some forty years after its genesis in the 1970s. I was not merely influenced, but actually trained in the application of this principle when my parents (both holistic health practitioners) had all ten of their children take the Silva Mind Seminar training, wherein we would (by the end of the training or your money back!) demonstrate ESP, remote viewing, remote diagnosis/healing, self-hypnosis and self-anaesthesia, as well as "programming" one's mind for the achievement of goals, the making of money, and the ultimate liberation of all mankind. I did it. It worked. I had tangible proof at the age of 15 that, although the 3-dimensional world was a formidable opponent, I could (on occasion) triumph over it through the hidden powers of the mind to influence reality to conform more closely to my belief.

Then, in my 40's, I ran into shocking facts which proved that dark elite factions in our world use these "psycho-technologies" to control most facets of our lives. Inevitably, given my upbringing by holistic missionaries, I had to make a difference by helping to address this root cause of so much of humanity's suffering. Hence, my journey into Sacred Activism. Hence, in this present moment, the crisis of the roll-out of the lethal technology of 5G. I have come to see that hard-core 3D political action is required urgently to prevent this disaster - and that we must never lose sight of the pivotal power of mind and spirit to turn humanity's momentum aside from this bleak timeline toward a future of greater peace and freedom.

The struggle for the liberation of humanity from oligarchic control is primarily a battle for the mind. Corporate control of news media and the entertainment industry is a powerful tool of mind control, shaping attitudes, beliefs, and behavior, upending traditional values so that - as the family unit crumbles around us - we will have no choice but to turn for support to a technocratic state controlled by elite factions for their own agenda diametrically opposed to the good of humanity. As more of us fall under the influence of the fear-fostering toxic timeline of the corrupt elite, the greater the likelihood that our future will indeed unfold along these grim lines: a gradual choking of the human spirit, the steady loss of our freedoms, and the invasion of our potentially divine nature by the manipulations of Artificial Intelligence. This does not proceed from some daffy deluded New Age fantasy that we "create our own reality." This is based on hard science, quantum physics, and the emerging new biology wherein, as proven by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his influential book "The Biology of Belief," our beliefs control not only our behavior but our very DNA. Dr. Lipton's work gave rise to the emerging science of epigenetics, and shows that "genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts."

And be sure that those who wish to control humanity for their own purposes are well aware of these facts, and that they employ them systematically on a large scale. The blending of research on the manipulation of space-time with the application of discoveries in the field of mind control has coalesced in the concept of the manipulation of timelines (literally, the creation of a collective consciousness matrix in humanity which will lead to a destiny under the control of the corrupt elite). The manipulation of timelines is a subject which has been thoroughly explored through whistle-blower exposes on such alternative journalism sites as Project Camelot.

Which brings us back to the 5G crisis and how it can be averted.

The heedless roll-out of the medically-proven lethality of 5G is not (as advertised) to give us the wondrous convenience of ultra-fast downloading of 12 feature-length movies while waiting at the airport gate to board a long flight. It is primarily designed to massively boost the power of Artificial Intelligence (which is already accelerating at an alarming pace) with no regard paid by government agencies to the demonstrated health risks:

  • Increased risk of diabetes

  • Increased risk of brain tumors

  • Increased risks of leukemia

  • Memory loss & decreased brain function

  • Retarded learning & neuro-degenerative disorders

  • Hormonal imbalances, melatonin suppression & sleep disorders

  • Cardiac and blood pressure issues

  • Damage to plant life and ecosystems

  • Contamination of the food supply

4G technology is already conclusively linked to Bee Colony Collapse, which will devastate the global food supply within a few short years if not prevented (see our article on the ability of shungite powder to reverse Bee Colony Collapse). 5G will accelerate this disaster exponentially.

And so the question arises, in this massive and imminent crisis, as to whether - as we galvanize 3D boots-on-the-ground political action to prevent 5G - we also need to guard ourselves against falling victim to the employment of mind control techniques to control human destiny, and to propel us along this dark timeline by the power of gradually induced despair.

Emphatically, the answer is 'yes!"

Every story we read which tells us it's too late, that the biosphere is doomed, that the controllers have triumphed, that they have every escape avenue blocked and every hope quashed, that all our most committed leaders are in fact tainted dupes, that some system of control is already in place to prevent every creative strategy for the liberation of humanity - these stories must be rigorously examined to determine whether they are in fact disinformation ploys designed to gradually crush the human spirit.

To be sure, there are brave whistle-blowers risking their lives to expose mechanisms of control. And there are brave journalists who take similar risks to bring these stories to the public. But even as we thank these activists and remain open to important information, we should ask ourselves the crucial question of the immediate and practical usefulness of it, and whether it inspires hopeful action or resignation to "the inevitable."

"My father taught me that there the worst death a man may die is the death of hope." (Lines spoken by Clive Owen as King Arthur in the 2004 film).

(Scenes from the 2004 film "King Arthur")

My friends and I in the Johannine Templar Order and the Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics are here in the service of hope - to join those who are determined to light a fire of galvanized action to restore human freedom, and our mother Earth. Hope is our most precious resource and we must guard it. Let it be lit by reason and fact, yes. But there are powerful factions which know that when they have finally crushed hope, they will have vanquished human freedom, and they seek this end systematically and with great resources in all forms of media.

Look for news soon on a powerful strategy combining on-the-ground political action against 5G with high-level "spiritual technology"to turn the tide in this crisis.

All best,


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