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MHD is founding director as The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics is established in Crestone, Colorad


SAGE stands at the meeting place of geo-energetic science and Sacred Activism, grounded in a deep commitment to the restoration of the Earth. In accord with the science behind the Gaia Concept of our planet as a holistically integrated conscious being rather than a mere aggregate of organisms, SAGE shares groundbreaking research into the planet's energetic bloodstream as it manifests in the grid system of powerful ley lines and in the healing properties of magnetically charged minerals. Inheriting the legacy of the ancient temple builders of the megalithic era, SAGE teaches the principles of alignment with the radiant energies of earth and stars in creating spiritual centers to uplift the consciousness of humanity.

Confronting a central crisis of our era, SAGE also seeks to research, teach, and promote the many ways in which Organic Intelligence (OI) – the innate divine creativity of the human soul as expressed through mind and heart – may control and transcend Artificial Intelligence (AI) in service to the freedom of humanity.

As a teaching institution, SAGE incorporates music, art, dance, and meditation with scientific coursework, retreats, and self-healing workshops in a holistic approach to sacred science, fostering the integrated development of the whole human at the forefront of the Sacred Activism movement.

Anchored in the heightened energetic environment of the San Luis Valley in Crestone, Colorado, where the world’s largest alpine valley sits atop the largest freshwater aquifer on the North American continent – an aquifer which in turn floats on a massive bed of crystals – SAGE is part of the famed interfaith community in Crestone whose goal is to serve as an example of intercultural harmony, environmental sustainability, and simplicity of living.

With the legacy of sacred science associated with the mystic Johannine stream of the Knights Templar, SAGE also inherits and seeks to embody the ancient Code of Chivalry: today we take this Code a step further and declare that our foremost duty is to protect and heal our mother Earth, and to engage in a conscious dialogue with Nature as we seek to make use of her gifts to peacefully promote healing, justice, and understanding between all peoples.


The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics is founded on a deep commitment to the timeless universal values found in the great faith traditions and indigenous wisdom, which have specific geopolitical implications in this moment of world crisis:

  • Transparency of Thought, Word, and Action - we are accountable to Spirit, to ourselves, and to our community to align our words to our actions, and our declared agenda to our ultimate impact.

  • Sovereignty and Unity - We champion the sovereignty of the soul to commune directly with Source, the sovereignty of the individual to enjoy the inalienable rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the sovereignty of the nation-state to enjoy freedom from unlawful invasion or domination by repressive factions.

  • Service to Others over Service to Self - Recognizing the reality that "quantum entanglement" is another way of expressing the hidden unity of all beings, we seek individual joy and fulfillment through service to the greater good of all, while avoiding the collectivist fallacy of the good of "the masses."

  • Clearing Your Signal - In accord with the findings of contemporary neuro-science that up to 95% of the time our thoughts and actions are directed from the subconscious level of the mind, SAGE encourages those who work with us to explore proven methods of bringing our subconscious beliefs into alignment with our ideals in order to maximize both personal fulfillment and effective action.

  • Ubuntu - The spirit of sharing common resources for the good of all is not communism, but is rather a natural expression of the brother/sisterhood of the human family, as in the indigenous wisdom which sees selfish hoarding as mental illness. When the spirit of Ubuntu reigns, all are then free to pursue their healthy desires in peace and security.

  • Spiritual Practice - We encourage all who work with us to find, by their own light, that practice of contemplation or meditation which resonates in the heart, recognizing that inner harmony is the well-spring of effective action.

  • Simplicity and Sustainability - Recognizing the abundance which can flow from careful honoring of earth's resources, the SAGE community embraces a simple style of life in accord with sustainable environmental models.


The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics - now formally launched as of January, 2019 - has been many years in preparation, and offers to the world a profound body of knowledge which, put into practice, can be of enormous impact. The three pillars which constitute the essence of the work are 1) Scientific Research, 2) Sacred Activism, and 3) Spiritual Practice.


SAGE sponsors research into the geo-energetic sciences through its Research Center in Crestone, Colorado, where the unique magnetics of the San Luis Valley offer a living laboratory. All such research is in the service of immediate practical effect toward planetary healing. Researchers in residence in Crestone work closely with the SAGE faculty and visiting experts to maintain a focus on immediate impact during the unfolding global crisis. SAGE also supports the work of independent researchers worldwide through Fellowship Grants. Based on the model of integrative medicine, SAGE focuses simultaneously on relief of the symptoms which result from harmful energetics (EMF, Wifi, 5G, etc.) as well as a holistic approach to protection and prevention.


Embracing the concept that activism without spirituality is ineffective, and that spirituality without right action is hollow, SAGE brings together teachers, visionaries, and thought leaders from around the world who share a commitment to interfaith understanding, environmental sustainability, the protection of individual and national sovereignty under international law, and decentralized modes of governance. SAGE retreats, workshops, and seminars are grounded in healthy introspection and willingness to integrate "the shadow" spoken of by Carl Jung, recognizing that only in this way can we truly embody the values we cherish.


Taking inspiration from the Johannine stream of Templar sacred science, SAGE embraces the reality that love is the most powerful force in the universe and is the primary lever by which meaningful change is possible. Focusing on the shared transcendent legacy of mystical practices from major faith traditions as well as indigenous wisdom, SAGE offers ways to go deep into the profound wisdom teachings of East and West, so that we may move into a greater understanding of the nature of Divine Reality and of the glorious opportunity to be of service to both Spirit and Nature in this pivotal moment for the human family.

The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics is a project of Images in Motion, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, to which donations are tax-deductible.

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