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"Michael's chanting is wonderful. I feel peaceful and so moved. " - Mariel Hemingway.


For those who desire to deepen their devotional experience in meditation, "chanting is half the battle." Michael has helped many sincere souls open the door to the bliss of chanting the Divine Name by learning to play the harmonium - the easy-to-learn hand-pumped keyboard used for centuries in India as accompaniment to the ancient devotional art of kirtan.

An accomplished kirtan artist, Michael led meditation and chanting for 15 years at the famed Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, founded by the great world teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda, and has given concerts and workshops throughout the United States and Canada.

Now you can enjoy personalized tutoring in learning to play the harmonium for devotional chanting, through one-on-one online sessions. Whether you are a beginner with no musical background or are simply unfamiliar with harmonium or the art of chanting, you may quickly begin to experience the joy of chanting with this wonderfully soothing and inspiring instrument.


Introductory 1-hour Lesson- $50

Four Lesson Series - $240

Paid in advance Four Lesson Series - $200

Please fill out the inquiry form below to set up an introductory lesson with Michael online.


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