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(An excerpt from "From the Gold to the Goddess - The True Story of the Return of the Templars and the Restoration of Chivalry," copyright Michael Henry Dunn, 2018, all rights reserved)

Chapter 3 - Impersonating Obama

It happened this way. As the summer of 2012 unfolded and the Mass Arrests failed to materialize, the hope and anticipation generated by the trillion dollar lawsuit – and by the sensational stories detailed by David Wilcock, and by other alt-media figures such as Benjamin Fulford and Kerry Cassidy – began to fade. Expectation had been high that the restoration of the American republic, and the release of trillions for humanitarian projects worldwide would also be accompanied by a global “Debt Relief Jubilee” in which most of the Cabal-generated usurious debt which held much of humanity captive would be forgiven or redeemed…and that the long-suspected existence of extensive government contact with extra-terrestrial races would also be revealed, an event referred to as “Disclosure.”

Speculation had been rampant as to which political and financial VIPs would be among those arrested. Both sides of the aisle, it was said, were deeply corrupted by Cabal influence, and it was expected that the names Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller, and McCain would be on the list, among a host of lesser figures.

The status of Barack Obama in this scenario was a matter of intense controversy. On the right, some websites howled for his arrest, while others held out hope that he was an honorable and gifted leader held captive by the banking cabal, which tightly controlled presidential initiatives to those which advanced their agenda.

In any case, one question was clearly paramount: who would announce the astonishing event to the world? As the duly elected President of the United States, and military Commander-in-Chief – and as a figure widely admired and respected internationally – Obama’s participation in “The Announcement” appeared to be indispensable if the event were not to be perceived as the first naked coup d’etat in American history. I envisioned a press conference viewed simultaneously on all broadcast and cable outlets, in which Obama would stand next to a number of high military officials from the “White Hats” (hopefully including someone on the Joint Chiefs of Staff), and make an epochal speech revealing the astonishing events to the world – while also admitting his own degree of culpability (whatever that might turn out to be).

But the weeks went by and the speech never came.

By this time I had become a frequent contributor to a number of alternative media blogs on the story, writing more often and at greater length as my research deepened. My theater career had left me with a gift for imitating the speaking and writing style of widely differing personalities. One night in the early fall of 2012, impatient with the slow pace of events, I sat down at my laptop and (purely on a whim) decided to write Obama’s “Announcement Speech” for him.

It poured out over about 30 minutes. A few refinements and rewrites, and I posted it on a high-profile alt-news compendium site, with a lead-in stating clearly that this was only my own version of what I hoped Mr. Obama might someday soon tell the world.

It went mildly viral in the alt-media world.

Here is the speech in full:

"My fellow Americans, and fellow citizens of the world - shortly before I took office four years ago, I became aware – as every president since John F. Kennedy has before me – that a shadow government of financial interests exerts a pervasive control over the affairs of this world, and has done so since at least the early years of the 20th century, if not long before. It was made clear to me at that time by representatives of these interests that the parameters of my power as president would be severely limited by the dictates of this shadow government. John Kennedy was the last president to directly confront and oppose the dictates of this hidden global regime, and his death has served as a warning to future occupants of the White House ever since.

I recognized at that time that the Constitution I had sworn to uphold and preserve had already, in fact, been betrayed, and that the republic envisioned by our founders had been systematically dismantled by this shadow government, whose agenda and goals are diametrically opposed to the ideals of freedom and equal opportunity upon which this country was founded. It was made clear to me, moreover, that this shadow government has controlled and manipulated the outcome of every presidential election since 1968, including the election that brought me into office.

This shadow government has been controlled since the 19th century by the banking families of Europe, headed by the Rothschilds and Warburgs, and their so-called “bloodline” allies in European royal families, represented in this country by the private banking cabal that controls the Federal Reserve System. The agenda and goals of this cabal were entirely self-serving, with the avowed goal of reducing the population of our planet by the mass elimination of billions of human beings through war, starvation, and disease, leaving a remnant of half a billion debt slaves.

The list of their crimes against humanity is long and shocking, and I know that many among us will simply refuse to believe that such things could happen. However the evidence is massive and incontrovertible, and indicts members of this cabal of crimes that include the planning and execution of the 911 terror attacks, the deliberate triggering of financial panics, including the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Depression, and the manipulated fomentation of numerous wars. Though their influence has been pervasive throughout government, media, finance, science, agriculture, and religion, their core membership is small, comprised of less than 10,000 tightly controlled and disciplined members, many of whom have been subjected to mind control, torture, and abuse since childhood.

I vowed to myself on that day that I would do everything within my power to restore our freedoms, while knowing that I would be required to play a double game merely to ensure my own survival. The safety of my family was also at risk. But thousands of Americans in uniform take the same risks on behalf of our freedom every day, and I vowed to be worthy of their example.

Tonight I am grateful to God, and to the many thousands of men and women throughout the world who risked their lives in the struggle against this dark regime, to share with you the news that this shadow government has been defeated. Their assets have been seized. Their leaders are being arrested, in accordance with due process of law, by local law enforcement, with the assistance of U.S. Marshalls, and backed where necessary by military units, in keeping with the military oath to protect and preserve our Constitution against ”all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Massive evidence of the cabal’s crimes has been collected. They will be brought to justice. The even more heinous crimes against humanity that they have been tirelessly attempting to execute – including detonation of nuclear weapons in some of the world’s most populous cities – have been prevented. Their tactics have centered on seizing power during times of chaos – chaos that they themselves created. Those tactics have been thwarted.

The enormous funds and treasure - numbering in the many trillions of dollars – that they have stolen and abused for nearly a century will now be available for the benefit of mankind. The advanced technologies that they suppressed are even now being developed for widespread use – technologies that can bring undreamed-of prosperity and peace to our world. The crushing burden of debt they deliberately created to enslave mankind will be wiped clean.

The primary tool of control used by this cabal has been their ability to control the currencies of the world. As one of their founders, Nathan de Rothschild put it, “allow me to control a nation’s currency, and I do not care who makes its laws.” Over a period of a hundred years, they succeeded in seizing control of an enormous cache of gold – gold which was set aside, after World War II, for the benefit of mankind. That gold has been returned to its rightful guardians, and will now be used as a Global Development Fund to heal our world. The ability of the cabal to control world affairs through the printing of so-called “fiat currency” – that is, currency that is not backed by any real asset – has now been removed, and a new system of asset-backed currencies has already been implemented. Worldwide financial reform – reform that has been decades in the planning – based on total transparency, and the replacement of a debt-based system with an equity-based system, is already largely in place.

This world-transforming change has only been possible through an alliance of 140 nations which banded together to throw off the control of the banking cabal, headed by the so-called BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and with the aid of patriotic elements in the Pentagon and intelligence community. An unseen internal war has raged over the last two years, in a race against time to prevent the cabal from implementing bloodshed on a scale unseen in world history. A financial war has raged as well. The U.S. dollar had been artificially propped up by the banking cabal as the reserve currency of the world. That status now will end, and the so-called “petro-dollar” (by which countries were required by major oil producers to pay for oil only in U.S. dollars) will be a thing of the past. A natural adjustment of currency values will then take place.

These are earth-shaking and epochal changes. But I urge all of us to remain calm. The news I bring – news which is being shared around the world tonight by leaders in other global capitals - is good beyond hope. An era of peace and prosperity is dawning tonight. The era of debt and war and financial panics, of hidden agendas and secret societies, is at an end. The national debt of the United States has been wiped out, as has the debt of every nation on earth. Credit card, mortgage, and student loan debts will also largely be forgiven or repaid from global funds. The Internal Revenue Service will be dismantled, and income tax will be eliminated. America will be restored to our organic constitution. The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank – all of which had been either created or thoroughly manipulated by the banking cabal – will be reformed from the ground up. And an enormous fund amounting to more than a hundred trillion dollars will now be available for the healing and restoration of our wounded planet, for feeding the hungry, healing the sick, caring for the elderly, and for the development of the marvelous technologies that should have been available to us many decades ago.

As if these revelations are not epochal enough, I am also now able to share with you news that many of us have long suspected – that we are not alone in this universe. The amazing freedom that is now ours could not have been won without the help of the friends I like to refer to as our “off-planet cousins” – near relations to humanity who have refrained from interfering until now, who have stood silent guard while honoring our divinely given free will to govern ourselves. There is indeed a Galactic Federation, and when we are ready, we may choose whether or not to accept their invitation to join the greater family of free planets – a family to which we are closely related through thousands of years. Until now, the enormously advanced so-called “alien” technologies have been a closely held secret of the shadow regime, but now these too will be available for the benefit of humanity.

Here in America, we will now be able to hold the first truly free elections in many decades – elections by paper ballot – and the interim government now in place will then be replaced by one freely chosen by a free people. A time of reconciliation and healing will be necessary. Many grievous shocks await us, as the true nature and scope of the crimes of the hidden government become apparent, and politicians on both sides of the aisle, as well as many prominent figures in finance and media are tried for their crimes.

I, too, will stand before the tribunal of your justice, like any other citizen, and be judged for my part in this hidden regime. And I stand ready to serve my country again as your president if you should do me that great honor.

And let me urge you all from my heart to forget the divisions that have separated us: red state from blue, believers from non-believers, faith from faith, gay from straight, liberal from conservative. Let us strive instead to see each other as brothers and sisters, children of one Creator, a family that honors our differences, and cherishes together the one garden of earth we call home. As many found in Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the corruption had reached out to ensnare and taint many thousands who had little choice but to cooperate, for this shadow government operated exactly like organized crime, in which extortion, bribery, blackmail, and murder were the daily tools of control. We are called to a time of understanding and reconciliation. Let us seek the truth, and seek justice, but let us temper justice with mercy, and look to our own responsibility, to the part we ourselves may have played in this long and tragic time of hidden domination.

In closing, let us remember the great wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, and beginning in this moment, let us create a time of healing and peace,

“With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in….to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

Good night, and may God bless you, your family, our country, and our world."

I was flattered and gratified by the enthused response and widespread re-posting of the speech in the alternative media. It seemed to revive flagging hope that we might someday actually hear such words from the White House.

But, of course, nothing had changed. It was just a creative effort by an obscure blogger which struck notes of inspiration and hope in a voice and style that registered as authentically presidential.

However, the speech had raised my profile – and brought me to the attention of Neil Keenan. The retired schoolteacher who ran the news compendium site on which I had first posted the speech had established contact with Keenan, who at that time was spending most of his time in Jakarta, Indonesia, negotiating with the tribal elders who had been guarding the bunkers and tunnels where the assets were stored since World War II. The pugnacious Keenan was also beginning the long process of exposing the web of fraudulent claims to the Global Accounts, as a formidable attempt began to return control of the assets to the rightful holders. The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit had been withdrawn, but plans called for it to be filed again in a more appropriate jurisdiction, bolstered by strengthened evidence – some of it provided, word had it, by the Rothschilds themselves.

The retired schoolteacher who ran the blog, a high-strung woman in her late 60’s named Jean Haines, had offered to help Keenan with a bridge loan from her own savings, after he had spent the bulk of his fortune on the legal fees of the massive lawsuit. The tribal elders, Jean Haines informed me, had decided to trust Neil Keenan, believing that he was the one they had long waited for, to help relieve them of their long burden, and to see that they received the long-delayed compensation for their dangerous guardianship of the assets.

But panic had spread among the cabal elite, I was told. The exposure of the existence of the Global Collateral Accounts – and of the elite’s fraudulent “mirroring” of the assets which was documented in the Black Book held by Keenan – constituted the first grave threat to their freedom. “Mirroring” was a process similar to the fraud by which a criminal might forge a phony deed to real estate he did not own in order to use the deed as collateral for a loan. But the criminals in this case were the principal families who controlled the central banking system, and an inner circle of this elite had access to the super-secret “black screens” whereon one could simply enter the sum desired, whereupon the sum would be transferred to a personal account.

Thus it could be said of such families as the Rothschilds that they did not merely own vast sums of money – they rather controlled the very concept and process of money itself.

Two actions were now needed by Keenan and his allies. A preface to the lawsuit explaining to the court the historic background of the case would need to be composed. And the tribal elders had warned Keenan that he would need to immediately “rattle the cage” of cabal leaders by letting the world know that the guardians of the Assets (the tribal elders themselves) had placed their trust in him. A “changing of the guard” was at long last to take place, as the assets would be restored to their rightful holders, to fund humanitarian programs worldwide.

Time was short, they told Keenan, as a massive false flag attack might soon be attempted on a 9-11 scale, to enable the Cabal to regain control through their favorite means – fomenting war and chaos.

So this is where I came in.

Jean Haines told me I was on a short list of possible “expert consultants” to compose the preface to the lawsuit, as my writing and research had impressed Mr. Keenan. A writing sample was requested – a few pages of what would ultimately need to be some 30 pages of historical context for review by the court. Plunging at once into the task, I sent a sample in short order.

I remember I was on a remote stretch of road in the far west section of the San Fernando Valley near the canyon country at the edge of Los Angeles when I received the call from Keenan. I was on my way to rehearse yoga chants with a friend who was an excellent performer on the difficult-to-master tablas – the subtly voiced drums of classical Indian music.

For years, my greatest joy had been leading chant and meditation on the hand-pumped keyboard instrument called the harmonium, used in the kirtan tradition of devotional chanting. After a wrenching personal crisis and the end of a 16-year marriage in 2009, I had finally found some measure of stability in working at the SRF Publication Center, surrounded by the high vibration of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, the great yoga master whose Autobiography of a Yogi remains a world-renowned classic of spiritual literature.

But I had unpaid debts which my low-paying job did not enable me to repay – the consciousness of which was a constant ache. The unexpected call from this now-famous daredevil Irish-American maverick who was brazenly defying the corrupt financial elite offered a chance to make a real contribution to history – and to perhaps make enough money from the writing fee to pay off my debts.

I consulted with a lawyer friend of mine – an experienced Dutch litigator in his 60’s – as to what would be an appropriate rate of pay to research and write a lengthy preface to such a high-profile lawsuit. I gulped at the figure: $250 per hour – a standard figure for “expert consultants,” but far beyond any rate I had ever earned in my life.

The field of consultants who were qualified to write what essentially amounted to an exposé of the massive veiled crimes of the world’s power elite was vanishingly small. Add to that, my attorney friend grimly reminded me, the “hazard pay” for running the risk I would expose myself to by making myself a target for such formidable enemies.

So I took the job, little dreaming that it would shortly set me on a perilous journey to Jakarta, that it would cost me my job (and my girlfriend), put my life in danger, exhaust my savings, make my name (for a while anyway) a household word among that small portion of the world awake to the unfolding revelations, place me at the forefront of a movement to restore the international Rule of Law – and bring me in touch with a formidable attempt to lineally restore the original Order of the original Knights Templar.

Chapter 4 - Accidental Freedom Fighter

(Neil F. Keenan)

I had listened to several on-line interviews with Neil Keenan, where he faced the tough and incisive questioning of alternative journalist Kerry Cassidy, whose “Project Camelot” website had forged a role as a haven for whistle-blowers from inside the Cabal, as well as providing wide-ranging reports on a host of subjects ignored by mainstream news, from alien abduction to elite pedophilia rings and financial corruption. I knew he sounded like a cross between a “Good Fellah” mobster and Santa Claus, but what he would be like in person, I had no idea.

The best description I can give of my friend Neil (and yes, we are still friends – at least as of this writing, as Neil likes to fight with everybody, even - or especially - his friends) is to suggest that you imagine someone as brash and often coarse as Donald Trump, but with a whimsical splash of Irish charm and disarming candor, blended with a street-fighter’s cunning and the ability to effectively utilize a terrifying streak of dark rage when it suited him. To walk through a high-end Jakarta shopping mall with Neil Keenan was to follow in the wake of a scoundrel Pied Piper who was almost always either flirting or fighting or singing – and sometimes all three at once.

The essential difference between Keenan and Trump (whom Keenan admires) is that Keenan actually cares about something other (and higher) than himself.

When I first heard his voice that day on the dusty back road off the far end of Roscoe Boulevard in the Valley, he was in his charmer mode – engaging and amusing, with the customary bravado necessary to a foolhardy Don Quixote taking on real giants rather than windmills. He liked my work, he told me, and the fee was acceptable – and would be handled through Jean Haines. The plan was to re-file the lawsuit within a few weeks, with new evidence then being gathered from various sources. Epic events were in the works, he told me, in which he would be making his own “Announcement Speech” disclosing the freeing of the Global Collateral Accounts to the world, standing side by side with the Indonesian Elders, representatives of the Dragon Family, as well as select diplomats from “The Consortium.”

The Consortium was a loose group of more than 60 nations who had sent representatives to a secret meeting on a large yacht in Monaco in October of 2011. A former Swiss government finance official sympathetic to Keenan’s aims offered to arrange the gathering, the aim of which was to effect a major restructuring of global finances through the freeing of the Collateral Accounts from Cabal control. A prominent scion of the Rockefeller clan attempted to board the yacht and effectively “crash” the meeting, but Keenan physically blocked him at the foot of the gangplank.

“Don’t you know who I am?” inquired Jay Rockefeller.

“Yeah,” responded Keenan. “You’re exactly who we don’t want on this boat.”

When Rockefeller tried to brush past, he nearly ended up in the water, whereupon his bodyguards went into protective mode…but apparently Senator Rockefeller decided to take another approach. He left the scene. Within minutes the yacht was repeatedly buzzed by unmarked Black Hawk helicopters. The Swiss official called in reinforcements, as French jets then buzzed the Black Hawks, which withdrew, leaving the meeting to proceed in peace.

The meeting produced an informal agreement referred to as The Monaco Accords, which constituted one of the several weapons in Keenan’s arsenal in his war with the Cabal: the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit; the support of the Indonesian Elders who guarded the assets; cooperation from the Dragon Families (who actually had ancient claim to some 85% of the assets); and, most crucially, possession of The Black Book which recorded the corrupt elite’s criminal defrauding of the Global Accounts. Copies of the Book had, of course, been made and stored in various vaults, including one controlled by Keenan’s attorney, with instructions to release the book to the world on the Internet if any harm came to Neil Keenan.

It will, of course, be clear that this was all highly perilous stuff for a mild-mannered writer/researcher working for a monastery. Keenan would, in fact, survive several attempts on his life – and a close friend of his, Joe, who knew too much, did not survive. Joe had been helping Neil on the case, and had contacted U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who indiscreetly revealed to Joe how money-laundering on this massive scale actually worked. Joe called Neil to tell him of the revelations, saying, “I can’t tell you over the phone. I’ll see you in a couple days.”

Joe never made it, as he was found dead on the floor of his front hallway the next day.

By the time I came on the scene, Keenan’s team needed to get the word out to the world that the Elders were preparing to stand with him to restore the Global Accounts assets to their proper guardians. I was working feverishly on the preface to the lawsuit, sending drafts to Keenan in Indonesia, and making revisions according to his notes. The 125 pages of the lawsuit itself made compelling reading, but without the context of the history of the Collateral Accounts, the court would be handicapped in its understanding of the case.

In late November of 2012, Jean Haines asked me if I had any experience in editing video footage. Keenan had been filmed in his hotel suite in Jakarta, Indonesia telling the story to the world of receiving the blessing of the Elders to manage the untold trillions in the Global Accounts – and the footage was a little rough. This was the “cage rattling” for the Cabal which the Elders had urged him to manifest as soon as possible, to prevent another major “terrorist” false flag attack by Cabal agents.

Jean sent me the footage. By this time, after 20 years in Los Angeles, working on the edges of the film industry while mainly focused on my meditation community, I was fairly savvy about presentation and public relations…and I was dismayed by the footage. I would later learn that Neil Keenan is pretty much a force of nature, and is also possessed of abundant charm – a street-fighter with a heart of gold, one might call him. But the raw footage showed a somewhat heavy-set 60-ish leprechaun with a shock of white hair, in a flowered shirt, wearing a Boston Red Sox baseball cap, sitting on a big couch, with a discarded pair of socks visible on the floor. In his unpretentious and earthy way, but somewhat nervously (presumably not used to the camera), he talked about the blessing ceremony, and of the soon-to-be-realized goal of freeing the Assets for global humanitarian programs, promising everyone an extra Merry Christmas, with a Santa Claus twinkle in his eye.

I was acutely conscious as I viewed the footage that we were essentially asking the awakening people of the world to trust this scruffy-looking guy with the “Good Fellas” accent with the historically epic task of helping to defeat the corrupt elite, to liberate trillions in gold from the iron grip of the Cabal and shepherd the assets into desperately needed humanitarian programs. The seven minutes of footage, left to itself, did not do justice to the historic context, nor to the guts, moral courage, and nobility that this rough character was displaying in this dangerous battle. The rumpled shirt, the baseball cap, the socks on the floor – this was classic Neil Keenan (as I would learn when I spent many days with him in that same hotel suite in the months to come) – but it would be a tough sell to a world audience looking for hope.

I suggested that a brief video introduction to the footage of Neil was needed, to set the stage and present the context, to “edify” him in the eyes of the viewer, so that his mission and his accomplishments would be taken seriously. I offered to draft a script and create graphics to briefly tell the story of the Global Accounts in just a few minutes, with a smooth segue into an introduction of Keenan.

I finished the script overnight and sent it to Neil. The next day I was told to get to work fast – he had been warned that time was short, and an attempt to trigger war might come within days. Fortunately, I had an enormously talented video graphic artist to work with (who strictly warned me that his name must not appear – helping defeat the Cabal was fine…he just didn’t want anyone to know he had helped me.)

I was skeptical of the notion that a world war might erupt if I didn’t meet the deadline…but I wasn’t about to take the chance.

Working nearly 24-7, we completed “The Changing of the Guard” as a YouTube video, attaching the Keenan speech at the end, within three feverish days. On the final night, my friend asked me what YouTube account we should use. Worn out, exhausted, and without thinking of the implications, I said, “Whatever’s easy – use mine.”

("The Changing of the Guard - Neil Keenan & the Global Collateral Accounts)

Upload complete…and published. I sent Keenan and Jean Haines an email with the YouTube link, and staggered home to the room I rented in a boarding house in the rough East L.A neighborhood where I then lived because of its proximity to my job.

Waking in the pre-dawn darkness, I reached for my cell phone to check David Wilcock’s blog for any updates on Cabal activities in his “Financial Tyranny” series. Blinking groggily at the screen, I saw an updated headline: “Neil Keenan Steps Out – Thanks to Michael Henry Dunn.”

“Oh, God - I’m toast,” I said to myself.

Wilcock – along with everyone else who viewed the video (which Wilcock described as “brilliant”) – would see my name all over the YouTube account, along with my meditation-chant videos, my Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” performance, my work on the Shakespeare authorship controversy, plus lots of personal details on this eccentric Michael Dunn fellow who had just gone public in taking on the corrupt global elite. Neil Keenan had given Wilcock some rather garbled information on me, such as that I had been “a producer at NBC” – a far cry up the ladder from my actual stint as a story analyst in the Movies and Mini-series division at CBS.

David Wilcock had now also read my Obama speech, saying it displayed the “vision and vibration of Thomas Jefferson.”

“Oh, jeez – I am really toast,” I mumbled again.

The video did not go “mildly viral.” It sent seriously viral. David Wilcock’s blog had an audience of a quarter million at that time, and the link was widely reposted. A German woman I knew would later say to me, “you made that guy a legend, Michael Dunn – what is happening in the world? You must know, yes?”

I was now an officially baptized alt-media freedom fighter.

(Next week - "The Pope, the Irish, and a Call from St. Germaine")

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