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CHIVALRY & THE TEMPLAR RETURN - PART 2: 2012 - Saving the World

Updated: Jun 23

(An excerpt from "From the Gold to the Goddess - The True Story of the Return of the Templars and the Restoration of Chivalry," copyright Michael Henry Dunn, 2018, all rights reserved)

Chapter One- 2012: Saving the World

In early December of the year 2012 I was given a writing assignment which I was told had to be delivered on time in order to “save the world from World War III.” I wasn’t so sure that was true, but there were indications that it might be – and I needed the money.

I did not outwardly appear to be someone to whom one might turn for such a task. I was working for modest pay in sales and marketing for the publishing division of a yoga meditation fellowship in Los Angeles. This I did mostly for love, as the fellowship had been my spiritual home for twenty years. But it was a job I was grateful to have and needed to keep.

So when I was approached through an intermediary to research and write the preface to a trillion-dollar lawsuit filed in a New York federal court against the principal entities behind the Federal Reserve and the central banking families, I leaped at the chance to quietly make a difference in the world while making a difference in my savings, thinking I could remain in safe anonymity in my tranquil quasi-monastic environment.

I had made a specialty for some years of researching complex historical controversies and creating popularly accessible presentations of fascinating “lost history.” And I had already spent a year of my free time in researching, merely for my own interest, the unfolding story of a rumored “reset” of the global currency system, of the replacement by asset-backed currencies of the fiat currency scheme by which the families behind the central banking system exercised veiled control over much of the planet.

A fifteen-year career as a classically trained actor, and a two-year stint as a story analyst for CBS Entertainment had honed my story-telling skills – and I knew a great story when I saw one.

I had closely followed articles circulating in the online alternative media of a group of so-called “White Hats” in the military and intelligence communities who were moving (it was said) to pull off “mass arrests” of a small but powerful elite faction which had hijacked control of American democracy. This faction was said to be controlled by the leading financial families of Europe and the U.S., and had reportedly infiltrated the highest levels of government, the military, finance, energy, media, and even religion, in order to implement an agenda of global control through the usual means of artificially created war, manipulated financial collapses, and the steady erosion of human rights.

I had read a series of revelatory articles by author David Wilcock which exposed the vast hidden assets stored in Southeast Asia after World War Two known as the Global Collateral Accounts. These assets had been designated by world leaders to function both as the underpinning of a new post-war financial system, and as a humanitarian fund to rebuild the war-torn world. But the central banking families (referred to loosely as The Cabal), Wilcock reported, had actually funded both sides in the war with the express intent of amassing and controlling the greater part of the gold reserves of humanity, and quickly moved to subvert the assets to their own dark agenda. The Nazis had looted the gold of Europe. The Japanese, in a carefully planned operation (years in the making) known as Operation Golden Lily, had amassed far greater gold troves in China, towards which most of the world’s gold had flowed for 2,000 years. As the war turned against Japan, the enormous hoard was hidden in bunkers and tunnels throughout Indonesia, the Phillipines, and Korea. Although General MacArthur shared the news of the hoard with the world after the Allied victory, the incredible extent of the treasure was never fully revealed.

Myth and legend mingled with rumor regarding the assets in the Global Accounts. Reports of varying credibility held that the trove contained treasures which dated back to King Solomon, or that the mysterious Comte St. Germaine (a historical figure from 18th century France reputed to have attained physical immortality) had amassed a vast fortune which had been set aside in trust for humanity in a coming time of global crisis, called the “St. Germaine Trust.”

And it was said that the trove also contained the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.

The Cabal would apparently have controlled the assets no matter who won the war. As they had financed both sides in most wars dating back to the 1700’s, this was logical.

I had been naturally skeptical of the various theories I had read which postulated the 9-11 attacks as a “false flag” arranged by dark factions. That there were greedy multinational corporations which manipulated world events I knew. But I wanted to see hard evidence, not ideologically-based leaps to predetermined conclusions. My heart sickened in 2008 when a book called “Second Pearl Harbor” presented evidence regarding September 11th which I could not dismiss.

In the wake of that realization, I had to somehow rebuild my worldview to accommodate the reality that an appallingly amoral faction existed which actually had sufficient influence and power to pull off such a massive and heartlessly cruel operation. In the fall of 2011, my reading began to reveal the hidden global power structure which stood to benefit from such an act, and which had, in fact, frequently employed false flag operations throughout much of modern history to profit from war and to seize natural resources throughout the world.

And now a lawsuit had been filed by an audacious Irish-American businessman named Neil F. Keenan to recover from the New York Federal Reserve $144 billion in gold, with interest dating back to the year 1934 amounting to $1 trillion, on behalf of a powerful group of Chinese clans known as the Dragon Family. The lawsuit led to the revelation of the Global Collateral Accounts (also known variously as the Off Ledger Gold, the Black Eagle Trust, and the Heritage Accounts – and abbreviated hereinafter as the GCA). A small portion of these assets turned out to have been transferred to Manhattan in the 1930’s to the safekeeping of the New York Fed, in order to protect these ancient Chinese gold troves from seizure by the invading armies of the Japanese Empire. Bonds for the gold had been issued to the Chinese, to be redeemed after the war.

But the war came and went, and then the Communist Revolution toppled the Chinese government, and the gold remained in the dubious safekeeping of the New York Fed for decades, until the years came of the Deng liberalization and the opening of China to the West. The Chinese then attempted to redeem the bonds. The New York Fed declined to return the gold. But the International Court of Justice ruled in favor of China, and the gold was to be returned to their custody by September 10th of 2001.

The gold was stored in the basement of the World Trade Center. The next day, the towers fell, 2,974 people died, the world changed - and the gold disappeared.

By December of 2012, Keenan had in his possession the “Black Book” meticulously recording fraudulent transactions by the power elite in the Global Accounts. Word in the alt-media was that the “White Hats” hoped to use the evidence in order to give solid legal ground to the coming “mass arrests,” and to restore the American republic and true democracy, while releasing the hidden hundreds of trillions in the Global Accounts to fund humanitarian projects worldwide. The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit (which Keenan spent most of his own fortune in pursuing) was the linchpin of this effort.

The story gained a wide readership in the heady months leading up to the mysterious but much-anticipated mystical date of December 21st, 2012, which various esoteric lineages around the world had identified as a potential turning point in human history. A charismatic “red-neck philosopher” called Drake Bailey built a huge on-line following as the source of leaks from the White Hats about the coming mass arrests, which were said to involve a shutdown of all airports and the simultaneous apprehension of Cabal operatives throughout America. July of 2012 was given as the turning point in which this epic event would unfold.

But July came and went, and business in America went on as usual. The Keenan lawsuit (aided by a Cease and Desist Letter naming Cabal principals including both Bush presidents, the Clintons, and Queen Elizabeth II) appeared to be stalled, and hope began to fade. The Obama presidency had by this time shown itself to be the usual Cabal-controlled White House of every president since John F. Kennedy (the last chief executive who had fatally dared to defy the corrupt financial elite). I began to wonder, at my tranquil cubicle at the Self-Realization Fellowship Publication Center, whether the whole thing had been some bizarre hoax.

Then one day I got a phone call from Neil Keenan.

Chapter Two -The Templar Legend

Legends often begin in the mists of time long gone, but on occasion can have singular and identifiable beginnings. A slight shift on a seemingly random date can create that sequence of events whereby a story about to fade from popular awareness is suddenly ignited into a wildfire that races across a continent, and burns itself into the world-mind as that deathless thing we call legend. And occasionally such a phenomenon can be traced to the act of one man on one date.

So it is with the legend of the Templars.

While the Knights Templar were already legendary in their own time (for nearly 200 years) as the elite warrior-monks of the Crusader era, their sudden terrible fall on October 13, 1307 at the hands of the corrupt King Phillip IV of France led directly to one of the most successful defamation campaigns in history. By the time Phillip’s agents had extracted false confessions under torture from some 52 Templar knights (who were burned at the stake over two days in May of the year 1310), and had exerted unprecedented pressure on Pope Clement V to suppress the Order (thus freeing Phillip from his crushing burden of debt to the Templars), the Templars’ legendary fame had been blackened throughout Europe by the widely distributed forced confessions to charges ranging from spitting on the cross to sodomy and worshipping a severed head.

So on March 18th, 1314, when the last Grand Master of the Order, Jacques de Molay, and three other Templar leaders were led out to a scaffold to have a sentence of perpetual imprisonment pronounced by Church authorities, in accordance with their confessed crimes, it was considered to be the final ignominious chapter in the story of the once great and admired Order of impassioned warrior-monks. The Grand Master himself had confessed, and the Order had been shown to be vile and impious. The people of Paris assembled to witness the event in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. To be a Templar was now (and forever more would be) a mark of shame.

But Jacques de Molay and his brother Templars carried out an act of extraordinary moral and physical courage on that day which changed everything.

American historian Henry Charles Lea gives the following account:

"The cardinals dallied with their duty until 18 March 1314, when, on a scaffold in front of Notre Dame, Jacques de Molay, Templar Grand Master, Geoffroi de Charney, Master of Normandy, Hugues de Peraud, Visitor of France, and Godefroi de Gonneville, Master of Aquitaine, were brought forth from the jail in which for nearly seven years they had lain, to receive the sentence agreed upon by the cardinals, in conjunction with the Archbishop of Sens and some other prelates whom they had called in. Considering the offences which the culprits had confessed and confirmed, the penance imposed was in accordance with rule — that of perpetual imprisonment. The affair was supposed to be concluded when, to the dismay of the prelates and wonderment of the assembled crowd, Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney arose. They had been guilty, they said, not of the crimes imputed to them, but of basely betraying their Order to save their own lives. It was pure and holy; the charges were fictitious and the confessions false. Hastily the cardinals delivered them to the Prevot of Paris, and retired to deliberate on this unexpected contingency, but they were saved all trouble. When the news was carried to Philippe he was furious. A short consultation with his council only was required. The canons pronounced that a relapsed heretic was to be burned without a hearing; the facts were notorious and no formal judgment by the papal commission need be waited for.

That same day, by sunset, a pile was erected on a small island in the Seine, the Ile des Juifs, near the palace garden. There de Molay, de Charney, de Gonneville, and de Peraud were slowly burned to death, refusing all offers of pardon for retraction, and bearing their torment with a composure which won for them the reputation of martyrs among the people, who reverently collected their ashes as relics."

To witness four men be slowly burned to death by their own free choice rather than save themselves by betraying the Templar name – and the reverence of the people for such courage and loyalty - this is where the legend began.

To be sure, the defamation echoed down the centuries as well. Even today, despite the Vatican’s exoneration of the Templars, despite the consensus of historians that Phillip IV had killed two previous Popes with the express intent of installing one who would cooperate with the destruction of the Order, despite the glorious heritage of the Templar-guided sacred sites such as Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame, and Rosslyn Chapel (precisely aligned with the ley lines of earth itself), despite their creation of the mythical underpinnings of idealism and justice embodied in the Arthurian tales of the Round Table and the Holy Grail, despite the crucial Templar role in creating and carrying forward Magna Carta - the founding document of human rights in the West – despite all this, there are those today who still whisper of bloody rites, of sacrifice to the dark god Moloch, of subversive secret societies bent on world domination, of links to the corrupt faction which called itself the Illuminati.

Phillip IV’s strategy was little different from the amoral dictum of modern political campaigns: throw enough mud and something will stick. But falsehood fades and truth survives – at least (it would seem) in the hearts of the common people, whose web of communication was the troubadour network which spanned all the byroads of Europe, the unstoppable means by which the Templar-inspired songs and tales of Chivalry, of King Arthur and the Round Table, of the Holy Grail, and knightly devotion to the Feminine Ideal had found their way deep into the mind and soul of the West, not to be erased by centuries of repression and Inquisition.

300 years later the knightly ideal would be hilariously sent up by Cervantes in his immortal character of Don Quixote – but even Quixote now lives as a symbol of mad but noble idealism, obsessed by an “Impossible Dream” of actually living a life of chivalry in a world of unprincipled greed.

Had Jacques de Molay and his brother Templars chosen to live out their days in prison, adding years to their lives and avoiding the torment of the flames, accepting their sentences and false confessions, would the reputation of the Templars – or even of the Code of Chivalry itself – have survived the shame?

That is an unexplored timeline in the Mind of God – we will never know. We only know that the moral courage shown on that one day 700 years ago lit a fire of legend which has not yet been extinguished.

Many threads of Templar legacy still exist, and the Templar name is claimed (and shamed) by groups as disparate as Mexican drug gangs and Freemasonic lodges. The notion that the geopolitical impact of the Templars could revive - that the lineally restored Order could emerge in a meaningful way to again champion the Code of Chivalry on the world stage - would simply never have occurred to me in December of 2012 when I received that phone call from Neil Keenan.

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