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  • Michael Henry Dunn


A Dying Orchard Restored by a Meteorite

  • The Miracle Mineral – The Astonishing Nature of Shungite

  • Protection Against Harmful EMF for Nature and for Us

  • The Metaphysics of Shungite – A Quantum Field of Consciousness?

The tiny black particles of stone strewn at the entrance of the hive seemed to act like a drug. The bees instinctively entered the hive only by the corner where the strange black dust lay. Word had gotten around this small Oregon town that this young fellow Derek was spreading some kind of magic dust on the hives of the local beekeepers – hives which had been decimated by the global disaster of Bee Colony Collapse. Bemused rumor said the dust was from a Russian meteorite. But anecdotal evidence was intriguing – and the beekeepers were desperate. If the Colony Collapse disaster continued, crops on which most of humanity depends (and which only the bees can pollinate) would shrink to levels which would mean mass starvation – and which was already impacting dying orchards which this region had once known to be abundant.

A year later, Derek came back to see how the hives and the orchards were progressing. Already, evidence had persuaded industrial beekeepers in California to order the “magic dust,” and Derek was eager to see if these struggling local farmers in the Northwest were also seeing results.

He was greeted eagerly with astonished reports from around the local valleys. Not only were once struggling orchards now so laden with rich fruit that their boughs were breaking, but the hives were thriving, with new queens and new swarms heading out to create wild hives beyond the beekeepers' control – hives which were also resistant to collapse…even without the “magic dust.”

“Yeah, I just kind of wink at them when they ask me about that part,” said Nancy L. Hopkins. “That’s where the metaphysics comes in. There’s no “logic” to why the new swarms from the shungite-treated hives in the wild are also resistant to the damaging effects of EMF on the bees, even without contact with the dust. These are now “shungite bees” and their field of consciousness and their DNA have been affected by the Shungite Field.”

(YouTube of MHD Interview with Shungite authority Nancy L. Hopkins)

A few weeks ago, I knew precious little about Bee Colony Loss or the lethal effects of EMF frequencies (especially the impending health disaster of the roll out of 5G), much less the astonishing properties of the mysterious mineral called shungite. For the last five years, my work has focused on helping to launch an effective new international court of human rights to address the systemic crimes of corrupt elites. I knew that the principles of Sacred Activism were essential in this long fight: in the uphill struggle to alleviate suffering, activists burn out without a spiritual practice.

Since helping to found The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics, my education has been rapid, weaving geo-political, scientific, and mystical elements in startling fashion. Here is the compelling gist of what I’ve learned regarding a story which will affect every human being:

* The heedless roll out of lethal 5G networks across the planet is not just another environmental alarm bell: it’s a killer

* The catastrophic Bee Colony Collapse which threatens to decimate the human food supply to mass starvation levels in our lifetimes is decisively linked to EMF frequencies

* The “Gift of Gaia” known as shungite: an astonishing mineral found only in eastern Russia which has multiple healing and protective properties, including protection against EMF (though not the lethal levels of 5G), and the ability not merely to prevent Bee Colony Collapse, but to restore hives to amazing levels of health and productivity.

Perhaps the most startling aspect of shungite is its ability to act at a distance. It has been shown to purify water at a distance of nine feet – with no contact between the stone and the water save for the mysterious energetic signature emitted by shungite. There appears to be an actual field of consciousness associated with shungite – a mineral unique on the planet, which scientists speculate may result from a meteor impact billions of years ago in eastern Russia.

In any case, people all over the world are now using shungite to protect themselves and their families against the harmful effects of EMF and Wifi, to purify their water, to improve their health – even to deepen their spiritual practice. Stay in touch with us at The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics (SAGE) as we work to spread knowledge of this remarkable healing stone, which appears indeed to be a Gift of Gaia.

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