A Dying Orchard Restored by a Meteorite The Miracle Mineral – The Astonishing Nature of Shungite Protection Against Harmful EMF for Nature and for Us The Metaphysics of Shungite – A Quantum Field of Consciousness? The tiny black particles of stone strewn at the entrance of the hive seemed to act like a drug. The bees instinctively entered the hive only by the corner where the strange black dust lay. Word had gotten around this small Oregon town that this young fellow Derek was spreading some kind of magic dust on the hives of the local beekeepers – hives which had been decimated by the global disaster of Bee Colony Collapse. Bemused rumor said the dust was from a Russian meteorite. But anec

Fascinating Interview on 5G Dangers and Shungite, the Miracle Mineral: MHD with Nancy Hopkins of Cos

Fast on the heels of the widely seen interview with veteran alternative journalist Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, Michael and former U.S. Army energy weapons officer (and shungite authority) Nancy Hopkins of Cosmic Reality Radio offer listeners a wide-ranging two hour conversation on the deadly nature of the 5G crisis, as well as offering solid reasons for hope - and a call to action. If you want to know what's really going on for our planet, this is well worth your time.

Debunking Pro-5G Propaganda - Interview with Nancy Hopkins

Just as Big Tobacco used corporate media to pull a veil of lies over the reality of lung cancer, so the major tele-communications companies are now using the same strategy to hide the appalling reality of the toxic effects of the 5G radiation which will soon blanket the planet - if we do not stop them! Michael Henry Dunn and Nancy Hopkins of Cosmic Reality Radio dive deep into this crucial subject in a wide-ranging 2-hour interview. Listen to it on your commute, or just before bed - but listen! These revelations are critical for your health and for your family, and for our common future.


5G CRISIS ALERT - MOBILIZE NOW: This is not your typical environmental alert. Medical evidence of the toxic and even lethal effects of 5G is overwhelming. But a corporate rush is underway, approved by the FCC, to place 20,000 low orbit satellites to blanket the planet in 5G frequencies within the next 24 months. The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics (SAGE) is committed to alerting everyone to this crisis, and to sharing word of how to combat this global attack on human health, while also providing information on how to protect yourself and your family. SEE OUR 5G ALERT PAGE HERE: VIEW MICHAEL'S INTERVIEW WITH KERRY CASSIDY ON PROJECT CAMELOT HERE:

MHD is founding director as The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics is established in Crestone, Colorad

(WEBSITE NOW LIVE) THE MISSION ​ SAGE stands at the meeting place of geo-energetic science and Sacred Activism, grounded in a deep commitment to the restoration of the Earth. In accord with the science behind the Gaia Concept of our planet as a holistically integrated conscious being rather than a mere aggregate of organisms, SAGE shares groundbreaking research into the planet's energetic bloodstream as it manifests in the grid system of powerful ley lines and in the healing properties of magnetically charged minerals. Inheriting the legacy of the ancient temple builders of the megalithic era, SAGE teaches the principles of alignment with the radiant energies of earth and stars in creating

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