Avalon Dharma

At StarHouse in Boulder - the current destination to which Lady Morgaine’s boat will take you when the mists part on the shores of Avalon! After a transformative week with Avalon Dharma - Moving from drama to dharma in surrendered leadership. (www.avalondharma.com)

First Blockchain-Based Election

Sierra Leon Just ran the first blockchain-based Election The citizens of Sierra Leone went to the polls on March 7 but this time something was different: the country recorded votes at 70% of the polling to the blockchain using a technology that is the first of its kind in actual practice. The tech, created by Leonardo Gammar of Agora, anonymously stored votes in an immutable ledger, thereby offering instant access to the election results. “Anonymized votes/ballots are being recorded on Agora’s blockchain, which will be publicly available for any interested party to review, count and validate,” said Gammar. “This is the first time a government election is using blockchain technology.” (Full s

EXCERPT: "From the Gold to the Goddess – The True Story of the Restoration of Chivalry"

A Memoir by Michael Henry Dunn copyright 2018, all rights reserved INTRODUCTION — THE TIME RETURNS This book contains a story of vast treasure – but lost Templar treasure is not the theme. It contains a story of ancient bloodlines – but bloodlines carry only a secondary power. Here is told the story of Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the rise of the Divine Feminine in our time – but do not look here for the promotion of a new matriarchy to replace the patriarchal abuses which have come so clearly to light. The alchemy of divine balance within each soul of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine was the true goal of the Templars – a balance which the worldwide Chivalry Movement seeks to resto

“I Am that I Am…” – the Deity or de Vere?

“What’s in a name?” – asked Juliet. Well, a lot if you’re the Supreme Being. When Moses famously asks God in Exodus 3:14 by what name He wishes to be known to the Hebrews, the cryptic reply comes from the burning bush, “I am that I am.” The Supreme Being is known by thousands of names in dozens of religions, yet this is perhaps the only sacred scripture in which the Creator is held to give directly and unmistakably the Name by which He is to be known. “I am that I am.” And so this unique phrase is one of the most powerful in world literature, held in awe by Christians and Jews alike – the very Name of God Himself. Thus it would take a lot of chutzpah, presumably, to use this majestic Name, t

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